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UNDRCRWN: “Styles Upon Styles Upon Styles Is What I Have”

Just in and of itself, the image below is clearly fantastic. Look at it and enjoy.

Even better, you can now purchase it on an iPhone case. Yup, UNDRCRWN and UNCOMMON have paired up to create a phone case out of this as well as several other beats, hoops and life-inspired designs. The other MJ one is sweet and so is the Iverson joint. (via @jeskeets)

And in a true-to-life design, Patrick Ewing has disappeared.

Just like in every big game.


If you don’t get why this image of MJ is so great, (a) C’mon, Son, and (b) familiarize yourself with the inspiration now. In related news, I love Phife, but gravity doesn’t float, dude. I also bet you’ve had at least one cavity. File under: Not Rapping, Lying About Dental Hygiene