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Turkey Has Its Answer

No. Not to the burning question of whether the EU will or will not invite it to the prom.

It now has Allen Iverson, who was greeted at the airport with, as The 700 Level writer Enrico put it, a “Beatles-esque reception.” It’s worth noting, however, that Enrico was quick to subsequently point out that he actually has “no idea how the Beatles would have been received in Turkey” so take that liar’s word for what it’s worth.

Some people.

DMX, AI, Shaq, CWebb & KG Live at The Tunnel

I’m, like, weeks and weeks late to this party, but Cipha made a great list/time capsule of “The 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers” and it is about as phenomenal as you could hope. For the uninitiated, The Tunnel was the legendary New York club that hosted an even legendary-er Sunday night hip hop party and the crowd was a highly discerning mix of drug dealers and other clientele who really, really went nuts for hard drums and street rap anthems.

And for anyone who was a hip hop head in the 90s, this list is great nostalgia. I never went to The Tunnel myself (only moved to NYC in 2000 and it was shut down permanently within a year), but more so than some of these songs still being great today (many still are), the visceral feeling of first hearing joints like “Simon Says,” “Ante Up,” “Wild Out” and “My Mind Right” is something that stays with you. There’s really no way to describe them other than “banger.” Most importantly, while clicking through this whole list over the past five hours was the first time I’d listened to NORE’s “Superthug” in like five years. Regrettable, I know, but at least it happened.

Thanks, Cipha.

The reason this is being posted on an NBA blog is that Complex did a follow-up post featuring some of the many flyers they used to put out to promote the Sunday Tunnel parties. And one of them was the flyer below for a Sunday night party after the 1998 NBA All-Star Game in Madison Square Garden.

Wonder if Cipha (or anyone else) has any stories from that night. I’d sure like to hear one.

Maybe Arash was there

DMX Shaq Iverson Webber Garnett

The Top 50 NBA Commercials of All Time

mars blackmon

In the Spring of 2007, I was just a young pup in this NBA blogging world. Since then, I have accumulated literally dozens of readers and made untold tens of dollars writing about the NBA, but back then the only people reading this blog were me and Drop Dead Fred. (He didn’t even like it … I just spammed his Gmail account with links to my posts.)

Then, on April 4, 2007, I did a post called “The Top 50 NBA Commercials of All Time” that got linked to from Henry Abbott’s new ESPN version of TrueHoop and a cavalcade of other NBA blogs that probably don’t even exist anymore and, like, 40,000 people showed up. Since my previous high in any day was somewhere south of 4 unique users, it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, within the year I switched hosting companies and perhaps-due-to-nonpayment (who remembers really?), I lost pretty much all my old content in the transfer. It seemed like a bummer at the time, but honestly the commercial thing and like three other posts were probably the only not completely terrible things I ever did. Still, losing stuff sucks.

HOWEVER, through the miracle of the a tech-smart friend of mine, I was recently able to recover some stuff. And so, mostly because I want to put it back in my archives, I’m re-posting it as it was originally posted verbatim in April, 2007. (Thus, forgive the omission of any spots from the last three years that warrant inclusion.)

Additionally, this may as well be the formal launch of “The NBA Commercial Project,” which will be an attempt to gather links to video for every NBA commercial ever made. We’ll start with just these 50 and build on that. And that’s where I’ll need your help. Head over there and drop links to videos in the comments.

Just do it (wocka, wocka, wocka).

Check the full, original Top 50 after the jump.

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Talking About Practice: Episode 5

Lang Whitaker of SLAM joins me to talk about the Hawks, Allen Iverson, Chicago, Sacramento, New York and life at the SLAM Dome. As far as a breakdown goes, it’s probably 1/3 ATL, 1/3 SLAM and 1/3 everything else.

Plan your listening accordingly. Then check out some of his work over at SLAM Online and Hawks.com and be sure to tune into NBA TV every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm to see Lang on the network’s new show The Beat.

Additionally, drop me an email or leave a note in the comments of any other teams or subjects you would like to hear more about. I have some guests and topics in mind for the next month or so, but will try to accommodate any requests as much as possible. We talk about practice for the people, after all.

And as always, be sure to subscribe to Talking About Practice on iTunes, where ratings and reviews are encouraged.


Talking About Practice: Episode 4

Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN’s TrueHoop and ClipperBlog talks Western Conference NBA with us today for the long-awaited Talking About Practice: Episode 4.

Kevin just saw his Clippers get smacked around by the Rockets on Wednesday night, so we start with Houston and that inevitably leads into some talk about efficiency and advanced stats. But we get back to talking about more general Western Conference stuff before long, focusing on the Lakers, Nuggets, Mavs and, of course, the Clippers. The stylistic reconstruction that has revived Al Thornton’s career is discussed and we analyze this as something that may fit into the ad-hoc termed “Josh Smith Corollary” that centers around a player forgoing the things on the court that he doesn’t do well and, instead, increasing his utility and efficiency to the team by concentrating on the things he does do well. Josh Smith has famously sworn off of three-point shots this season, and Kevin has seen a similar change in Thornton. We speculate as to whether other guys like Carlos Boozer are or can benefit from such self-realization.

We also chat about ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. Given my involvement in that whole thing via Eight Points, Nine Seconds, I’m admittedly not the best person to be asking Kevin about this stuff. But it is a big topic and an intriguing development in not just NBA circles but in the evolution of the sports blogosphere at large, as anyone who attended either of the Blogs With Balls sports blogging conferences this year can attest to.

And for all you 80s sitcom fans, we also talk for a solid 10 minutes about Benson. Not sure how that happened, but we were able to come to at least one thrilling revelation. I’m not going to spoil the amazing payoff that will surely be sweeping the collective mind of America come this afternoon, but let’s just say that one of the world’s great mysteries has been solved.

I would also be remiss if I failed to give a shout out to our boy AI. (That’s what it’s called in “radio,” right? A “shout out”?) There would be no Talking About Practice without you, Mr. Answer, and, frankly, I wasn’t ready for an NBA without you either.

Welcome back.

And as always, you can subscribe to Talking About Practice on iTunes, where rankings and reviews are appreciated.