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The 8th Seed Podcast, August Edition


This is sort of like that whole Christmas in July thing. Only instead of presents and candy, you get to listen to a bunch of meatheads talk about hoops in this very special episode of The 8th Seed Podcast: August Edition in September. Long story short, we recorded this on Monday night, but I had a busy week down at the glue-huffing factory and never got around to editing/posting it until now.

Luckily, nothing has really happened all week in the NBA so none of this is dated, really. We talk Team USA a lot, specifically discussing their 2-point win over Brazil, and while the squad has played two more games since then, there wasn’t a lot to be learned by watching Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon and company stomp Iran and Tunisia by a combined 75 points.

We also talk about the Melo situation in Denver, call Matt Moore a racist, launch the soon-to-be-recurring “Try to Make Zach Cry Segment,” break down the Summers of Dallas, San Antonio, Minnesota, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Boston, which, as John Karalis lets us know has “cornered the market on O’Neals.”

Cast and crew (only seven of us this month … Michael De Leon of Project Spurs couldn’t make it):

Listen. (Download here.)

Listen to The 8th Seed: Playoff Edition


Head over to Red’s Army to listen to this month’s episode.

We discuss how every Playoff series looks after one game and pontificate about Kevin Garnett, both in terms of the most recent incident that got him suspended for a game and, more generally, about whether or not he’s just kind of a dick. (Kelly Dwyer had a State of Union of KG-piece yesterday called “Why We Don’t Like Kevin Garnett Anymore,” which, while interesting and representative of the overall issue, delves way too far into armchair psychoanalysis for my liking.)

We also yell at each other about Amar’e/the Suns franchise, profess our love for Mavs/Spurs and make fun of Adam Morrison.

Ya know, the usual.

Here’s the line-up of this month’s participants:

Pretty handsome crew. Particularly the last one.

Kevin Garnett Insane

I don’t think I actually speak all that much on the nonbasketball KG stuff in the podcast — mostly because I lack the motivation to care. But, for the record, I think most of the KG backlash is nonsense. He’s most likely a bit of a dick when he plays basketball, sure, but so were MJ, Larry Legend, Reggie and dozens upon dozens of other Hall of Famers. That doesn’t mean you have to like the guy, no, but I’m not exactly sure when we as fans started wanting to watch sports played only by clean-cut, model gentlemen.

Shouldn’t we spend our time praising genuine role models like Dikembe Mutombo and Dave Bing and save our scorn for legitimate malefactors like Jayson Williams and Donald Sterling? We really need to debate this incessantly? I guess it’s interesting perhaps. He is one of the best 25 players of all time and we do have cool YouTube clips of all his theatrics/transgression. But, really, I don’t have the time nor the inclination to come to any actual decisions about whether or not another grown man yelling and acting a little weird while playing a sport is a negative thing. /soapbox

(Funny photo though, right? It comes us from to the fantastic Doc Funk. The one where he looks at his watch is even better.)

The 8th Seed: Episode 7, Holiday Spectacular

The December edition of the 8th Seed is ready for your listening pleasures.

I was this month’s host and, boy oh boy, is this thing a beast.

Coming in at around 90 minutes, this episode has something for everyone, including our NBA Christmas wish lists, Dirk’s brilliance, Gilbert’s free throws, Donaghy Gate, team breakdowns (for the Celtics, Spurs, Cavs, Clippers, Kings, Grizzlies and Pacers), an ode to Tyreke Evans that can only be described as Mac-writing-a-letter-to-Chase-Utleyesque and someone being accused of being an emo kid.

Who was the accused? Was it Jodie Foster again? Looks like you’ll just have to tune in to find out. (I should be in marketing.)

[gplayer href=”http://www.bothteamsplayedhard.net/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/8th_Seed.mp3″]The 8th Seed Holiday Spectacular[/gplayer]


Cast and Crew:

Guess Who’s Bizack? I Can Still Smell the Crack in the National Basketball Association’s Clothes

The NBA season is once again upon us and it has come to my attention that many of you don’t waste your summers following NBA trades and free agent movement. So after seeing guys like Shaq in Cleveland, Artest in LA, Ariza in Houston and Matrix in Dallas, many of you have emailed me saying “When that happen, bro?” And the Australians among yall are all “WTF, mate?”

Well, mates, a lot of players relocated this summer. There is some very basic science out there supporting that. Trust me, pal. It’s actually a fact — it’s not even science.

We’ll continue to bring you up to speed with the best hard-hitting, postcard analysis you’ve come to expect from BTPH throughout the week, but in the meantime, listen to the most recent episode of The 8th Seed podcast to acclimate yourself with the new NBA landscape.

Here’s the lineup of participants in case you forgot: Me, Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show, Jeff Garcia & Mike DeLeon from Project Spurs, John Karalis from Reds Army, Adam Best from Fansided, Zach Harper from Cowbell Kingdom / Talk Hoops, and Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass.

In other “Shit Yeah, The NBA Has Returned” news, be sure to watch the season premiere of The Basketball Jones, check Zach Harper’s Bustin’ a Recap to learn about all the opening night action you may have missed, and, if you really have way to much time on your hands, read “Too Many Words About the NBA: Preview Edition,” a rambling, oft-humorous, fairly informative chat session between me and the other Hardwood Paroxymers (Matt, Rob, Corn, Zach, Kyle and Trey).

Moore has an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade line in there that is amazing. First one to find it and then return here with the quote in the comments wins a pony.*

* (There will be no pony.)

basketball jones skeets shawn bradley

The Jones is back. And Skeets is already getting posterized.

New Shit Has Come to Light

Hey, guys. It’s me: The dude who used to write regularly here at Both Teams Played Hard prior to his mysterious vanishing.

Usually, when I make an extended and unannounced disappearance, it’s just due to laziness, disinterest, a whiskey binge or my real job taking up too much time. (I’m a freelance ninja.) This time, however, I have actually been busy doing some other basketball writing-related things that you might perhaps care about.

There are three of them to be specific:

#1. The main thing I’ve been doing is launching a blog about the Indiana Pacers called “Eight Points, Nine Seconds,” which is so new that it still has that new website smell. As some of you know, I’m a Pacers fan. So when the folks who run ESPN’s TrueHoop Network of NBA blogs approached me with the idea of starting a site about my beloved Pacers, it was a proposition that I figured I had to accept. They are the Worldwide Leader and all. Of course, it’s not like I’m working for ESPN, only managing an blog affiliated with their network, but there are very few people in this world who write about the Pacers with any visibility and/or skill, so it should give me an opportunity to gain a marginally higher profile as I suffer through my Pacer fandom, which is something I would have been doing non-publicly anyway.

So, if you have any interest in the Pacers, stop by and check that out. Although, on the rare occasion when I actually write something over there that (a) may interest a general NBA fan, and (b) is actually decent, I’ll probably link to it from here anyway. (You can also follow both @8pts9secs and @TrueHoopNetwork on Twitter or become a THN fan on Facebook.)

#2. I am also now writing semi-regularly (weekly-ish is the plan) at Hardwood Paroxysm, a general NBA blog that, unlike Both Teams Played Hard, a lot of people are actually aware exists. My column is called “Off the Iron,” and they ran the first one today. (I’m biased, but it’s not half-bad and discusses the Lakers possibly foolish/possibly genius idea to choose Artest over Ariza as well as the Magic’s possibly foolish/possibly genius idea to choose Vince over Hedo).

Check back over there regularly to find my stuff, as well as the even better stuff written by Matt Moore, Rob Mahoney, Jon Nichols, The Corndog, Zach Harper and the rest of the HP gang. They’re cool dudes.

#3. This hasn’t actually taken up a huge amount of time but, as announced a few weeks ago, I’m doing a monthly podcast with seven other NBA bloggers called “The 8th Seed.” The second episode “aired” the other day and you can listen to it in all its unholy glory over at Red’s Army. If you have alopecia or autism, let me apologize in advance for the company I keep.

Other than that, it’s a surprisingly entertaining waste of your time, and features John Karalis of Red’s Army; Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom and Talk Hoops; Adam Best of FanSided; Glenn Moore of The Dugout Sports Show; Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass; and Jeff Garcia and Michael DeLeon of Project Spurs. (If you really enjoyed Episode 2, you can go back and listen to Episode 1 here.)


Now that all that’s out of the way, I know what all three of my loyal readers are thinking: “Neato…but WTF does this mean for the future of Both Teams Played Hard?”

The answer, in short, is hopefully: Very little.

Someday in the future, it would be nice if I could just write all my NBA thoughts here. That day will likely never come completely and these other ventures to increase my exposure and write about some different things (i.e., the Pacers) will probably always have to continue. But, regardless, I plan to keep updating this site very regularly for the foreseeable future.

As the season starts in November, my responsibility to these other ventures might mean there won’t be quite as many humorous videos posted and there probably will be fewer days where there are five or six seperate posts. But talking about the entire Association is still my preferred way of writing about basketball, so I will definitely be here chronicling my version of the 2009-10 season in some form or another.

Time constraints could mean the content on this site will take the form of fewer, longer posts or it might mean that rather than putting up three or four seperate posts on light-hearted, ephemeral stories, I might combine them all into one super-Voltron update for the day, but I fully plan to still be plugging away here every day. That much I can assure you of. And, hopefully, having to creatively put things together in less time will also lead to more unique and, ultimately, better ways of sharing perspectives and stories with you. I already have a few ideas in that vein that I think you will enjoy.

Other than that and a general plan of “No More Sleep for Me,” that’s all I know for now.

The summer is (and was anyway) going to be a little slower round these parts — there just won’t be much going on in NBA after this free agency period ends in another week or two. But I’ll still be checking in several times a week at least, if not everyday, to bullshit witcha. (There should be every day updates throughout the summer over at Eight Points, Nine Seconds, however, if you simply need to hear me ramble on about borderline Pacers news.)

It’s also possible I might recruit a few other people to write some stuff around here to help keep things flowing regularly. We’ll see about that. (Email me if you or someone you love would like to apply. Contact info is on the right somewhere.)

All in all, busy times for me. But, hopefully, productive times as well. And, eventually, I’m confident that all this extracuricular activity and carousing around with others will lead to better things back here at home.

And, yes, I used that very same line on my wife.

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