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Doc Funk Friday, Vol. II

Last week, I decided that yall needed to see the great work Doc Funk is doing with his NBA captions. Now, you shall see it again. Here are my favorite five from the past seven days, but be sure to head over to Brain on Funk where you can see all of his many, many other hilarious and insightful photos.

(Yes, I know it’s not Friday anymore, but (a) it still is for two more minutes on the West Coast, and (b) Doc Funk Saturday doesn’t sound as good.)

Stan Van Gundy

From Magic/Bobcats Game 4

Ersan Ilyasova Jennings

From Hawks/Bucks Game 5

Jerry Sloan

From Nuggets/Jazz Game 5

Mark Cuban tshirt

From Mavs/Spurs Game 5

Mbah a Moute

From Hawks/Bucks Game 5

SVG Is Web 2.0

In the course of my web travels, I for some reason came across the Wikipedia page for Web 2.0, wherein it had the below self-defining, tag cloud graphic. Skimming around, it seems like most of the associated terms you would expect are there: Blogs, Collaboration, Video, OpenID, RSS, Beta.

Then right in the middle, right below the giant Web 2.0 white banner is the coach of the Orlando Magic.

So, yes, it is indeed official, according to the wisdom-of-crowds bible that is Wikipedia: SVG is Web 2.0.