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The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#30 – Atlanta Hawks

I hate to start off this list being somewhat disengenuous, but alas, it must be done.

See, in and of itself, the current Hawks logo isn’t the worst logo in the League. Honestly, it isn’t even that bad. It’s certainly not good. But compared to the next five or six you’ll see appearing on this list, it may as well be hanging in the Met.

The real reason the current Atlanta Hawks logo must be condemned today, tomorrow and ’til the end of time is because it is not the Pac-Man.

Maybe it’s just the Nique fanboy in me speaking here, but the classic Hawks Pac-Man was the best logo in the history of sports — and possibly the best creation in human history aside from barbaque ribs. Much like the best logos in the NFL and MLB, it’s beauty lies in its simplicity: All you have is the majestic hawk head inside a circle. So logical, it’s genius. So iconic, it’s perfect.

Why would you ever abandon that?

On top of that epic decision-making failure, further points were deducted for the fact that Atlanta’s former alternate logo, which the franchise abandoned two years ago, was better than its current alternate logo. The old one looked like the punk-rock son of the St. Louis Cardinal while the new one looks like a meth-head.

The lesson here, sports fans, is that the only thing worse than just being outright shitty is having the ability to be awesome and then, one day, voluntarily deciding “Awesome is overrated. I’d rather be shitty.”

The more you know.

Hawks Logo

Dominique Wilkins is rolling in his grave. Mookie Blaylock is rolling in his grave. Tree Rollins is rolling in his grave. Plastic Man is rolling in his grave. The Czar is rolling in his grave.