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Shepard Fairey Posterizes Michael Jordan

The existence of these Shepard Fairey Jordan prints have probably been public knowledge for a minute, but I’m just seeing them now. (Hat tip to @HarleyBlock) It’s probably apropos, however, that the best MJ artwork I’ve ever seen was done by the same guy who did the Obama “Hope” portrait (which inspired these endeavors in awesome) and it came to my attention literally five minutes after I watched that same Barry O give the best speech I’ve ever heard.

Shepard categorizes his inspiration to create these as such:

Everything about Michael Jordan is iconic, from his slam dunks to his signature shoes to his tongue wagging to his number, so he makes a great subject for portraiture because everything about him is laced with cultural significance. You can tell from the look in his eyes, even back when he was at the University of North Carolina, that he was obsessed with greatness, but he also managed to do everything with a sense of flair. I think it’s that combination of intensity and style, and of course his singular talent, that make him the embodiment of a legend.

Since I’m rich, I’ll probably buy all three of the MJ/Fairey-signed, 26” x 36” master prints later today. Fortunately, all your poor people can get in on the fun, too, and purchase individual 18″ x 24″ prints signed by just Fairey for only $79.99. Then you can, I guess, tack it up in your boxcar or whatever.

Man, your life sucks.

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