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NBA/The Wire Look-Alikes

Earlier today, The Hoop Doctors‘ surgeon general Dr. Anklesnap was doing what everyone should be doing five times per day: Thinking about Baron Davis’ beard.

In doing so, he came across this post of NBA players who look like characters on The Wire and came up with a few more of his own. I followed suit because I’m unoriginal and because I have a couple more to offer due to the fact that I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of my life in deep concentration about how The Wire helps explain every aspect of human existence.

If you have any others, go leave em in the comments at Hoop Doctors. And extra special thanks to Tony Silberfeld for coming up with the last one.

K-Mart and Cheese

Donyell Marshall and Bubs

Mike D’Antoni and The Greek

Oak and Chris Partlow

Mark Madsen and Prezbo

Rudy Gay and Michael

Manu and Ziggy Sobotka

Eddy Curry and Prop Joe

Brian Scalabrine and Ronda Pearlman

Reggie and Barack

Ryne Nelson over at Odenized posted another of the always popular “Separated at Birth” candidates the other day. Here’s the video, which for some reason was shown on the jumbotron in Oracle Arena.

I didn’t see it at first, but there are actually some real similarities. Both are skinny and light-skinned with big ears. And the noses, chins and grins do bare a resemblance. With the Pacers now starting Kareem Rush at the two, I wouldn’t be surprised if known hoopster Barry “The Bomber” Obama could score himself a 10-day contract with Indy either. Or if not, maybe Barack will at least dump Hibachi and put Uncle Reggie on the ticket.



Reg and Barack 1 side-by-side-5.jpg side-by-side-7.jpg

side-by-side-2.jpg side-by-side-8.jpg side-by-side-6.jpg