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Reggie Thinks Gotham Turnt Skirt

It’s no secret round these parts that we love us some Reggie Miller. Thus, here’s what he told CBS Sports regarding the Madison Square Garden crowd’s reaction to Kobe’s 61-point game the other night. (via Slam)

“I was texting Spike as the game was going on, saying how disappointed I was in the fans chanting ‘MVP’ for Kobe,” Miller said Tuesday, speaking on a TNT pre-All-Star conference call. “I was like, ‘How the mighty have fallen.’ Because I remember in times past, I never got cheered. I’m sure Jordan never got cheered. And now they are chanting ‘MVP!’ for Kobe? And all [Lee] kept doing was texting back and going, ‘Look, times have changed. The climate has changed.’

“I wish I would’ve gotten the red carpet treatment when I went to the Garden,” Miller said. “That would’ve been nice.”

Hate to break it to you, Reg, but regardless of climate, you’re just never gonna get the “red carpet treatment” from someone you rape repeatedly during the NBA Playoffs. That’s what Dad always said about why Mom left anyway. What? Some guys just get more excited about “40 Games in 40 Nights” than others.

Reggie’s Mailbag: Vol. VII

Today’s question: Which college currently has the most players in the NBA?

Here’s Uncle Reg’s breakdown:

5. Texas (seven)
4. UNC (eight)
3. Zona (nine), UConn (nine) and Florida (nine)
2. Duke (ten)
1. UCLA (twelve)

I was surprised. The Tar Heels were my guess. Naturally, Reginald is pretty fired up about seeing his Bruins in the thrilling conclusion.

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Reggie’s Mailbag: Vol. VI

After a month-long hiatus during which I was beginning to believe Uncle Reg had forsaken us, the Knick Killer himself is back with yet another edition of Reggie’s Mailbag.

Today’s question: Who has played in the most All-Star Games without winning an All-Star Game MVP?

Here’s Reggie’s run-down (player – All-Star selections):

Moses Malone – 11
Hakeem Olajuwon – 12
John Havlicek – 13
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 18

Thus, Kareem is the winner. While it is surprising that big fella couldn’t manage one MVP, back-to-the-basket guys alway struggle to get the ball from guards in the All-Star game, so it’s not altogether shocking.

Yet, I was misled by the original question and thought “Wendell” was looking to find out who has the most All-Star appearances on his resume without winning a League MVP award. Thus, I looked that info up because that’s just the type of courteous guy I am.

Here’s a Top 10

1. Jerry West – 14
2. John Havlicek – 13
3. Rick Barry – 12
4. George Gervin – 12
5. Isiah Thomas – 12
6. Elvin Hayes – 12
7. Dolph Schayes – 12
8. Patrick Ewing – 11
9. Elgin Baylor – 11
10. (tied) Clyde Drexler – 10
10. (tied) Paul Arizin – 10
10. (tied) John Stockton – 10
10 (tied) Hal Greer – 10

Looking at that list of names, I proffer that the only possible logical conclusion we can draw is that the NBA doesn’t care about white people

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Reggie’s Mailbag: Vol. V

Just like Santa Claus, Reg gets a lot of mail. And this week, he’s letting us know who should be considered the most disappointing and underachiveing team in the League.

The Wiz get first mention, which is apt cause they are turrrrible. Philly and Elton Brand also get some consideration.

Ultimately, Reg settles on the Clips, however. He seems puzzled as to why the Camby/Kaman Connection (or the CKC as the cool kids are calling it) hasn’t worked in the post. On the Zach Randolph trade he says: “Perhaps that may help down low.” Perhaps, indeed. He also lays the criticism on Mike Dunleavy, yet, surprisingly, only really mentions fellow UCLA grad Baron Davis in passing.

Until next week.

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Reggie’s Mailbag: Vol. III

In the latest installment of the always-riveting Reggie’s Mailbag, some kid asks him about his favorite win and worst loss. If you don’t wanna watch all the stiff, half-awkward dialogue contained in this action-packed video, his favorite win was beating the Knicks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals to send the Pacers to their first NBA Finals in 2000, and his worst loss came at the hands of Larry Brown’s Pistons in his final game — the one that ended Indiana’s season and his career.

Yup. That’s the whole story.

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