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Spotting Spots with Manu, Peja, Sheed and a Gas Giant*

Most of you Both Teamsters should probably know Zach Harper from, among many other things, his contributions to The NBA Logo Ranking Project and our on-going Talking Hoops with Talk Hoops series. (That reminds me, I actually owe him an email right now as a matter of fact … stay tuned).

Well, he and some other NBA scholars have a podcast that I rather enjoy called The Weekly Fix, and they just dropped the 81st episode today, which I will presume is the Terrell Owens edition. That’s quite a few, so kudos on that, Mssrs. Harper, Gallawa and Eisner.

I haven’t listened to it yet, so I’m not really here to endorse this particular episode. I just needed to point out how great the photo is that they included in the post.

It’s the top one of Manu, Peja and some other dudes.

I have included two other photos that it reminded me of.


rasheed wallace bald spot

the eye of jupiter

We should probably start calling Eddy Curry by the name “Gas Giant.” You in?

Charlie Villanueva Gets a Bloody Nose and Shoots Free Throws with a Tissue Up His Beak

Yesterday, while playing against the Hawks, Charlie Villanueva broke his nose in a scrum for a rebound. He sat on the floor gushing blood for a while before heading over to the bench during a timeout to get mended by the training staff. They just couldn’t get the nose to stop dripping, however, and Charlie had to go shoot some free throws.

What is a doctor to do in such a situation?

Just stuff a giant wad of paper up the dude’s nose, apparently. Unfazed, Charlie walked up to the line and drilled two big free throws to extend the Pistons lead to six with just 9:30 to play. Jason Maxiell checked in for Chuck V, who didn’t return, but these free throws, which came in the middle of a 10-0 run for Detroit, helped spark the victory over Atlanta (who has, oh by the way, now lost three of it’s last four games after starting the season 11-2).

And for this we commend you, Mr. Villanueva. It’s a good look, in more ways than one.


via NBA Offseason Blog (Photo by Allen Einstein/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

NBA Postcard Preview ’09: The Central

Unfortunately, I’m not a professional NBA blogger yet. No, no. This nonsense is pure amateur hour. In my actual career, I’m a mailman. A letter carrier. A master of the postal arts. Il postino.

It’s not the best job, but I make it much better. I steal. A lot. I’d say that out of any given ten letters I pick up, I thieve seven or eight. And ya know who writes a ton of letters? NBA players. I was shocked too. But I’m talking, like, a ton. In fact, the only thing they mail more than letters are postcards. Yup. Postcards. They send em to everyone. They send them to each other. They send them to their coaches. People send postcards to them. And sometimes they even send postcards to themselves.

These are the ones I stole last week.

Chicago Bulls



Cleveland Cavaliers



Detroit Pistons



Indiana Pacers



Milwaukee Bucks