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Mikhail Prokhorov: Nets Will Win Title in “One Year, Minimum, and, Maximum, in Five Years”

mikhail prokhorov

Mikhail Prokhorov, the $13-billion man who is now officially the new owner of the Nets and a guy Bill Simmons has dubbed the Russian Mark Cuban, has good news for Nets fans. Your favorite team will be in the Playoffs next season and will also soon win a title. This, too, will probably happen next year, but you can never be sure what the future will hold so it’s possible it might take up to five years. He explains it all in the video below. Sorry for the wait.

(Mostly, I think this is awesome because it reminded me of that fantastic, long-ago SLAM magazine cover story: “Generation Nets: Champs by 2001. Count on It.”)

In other news, Mikhail will be representing Brooklyn New Jersey in the Draft Lottery tomorrow. No word yet on whether or not he will be bringing a harem of ladies. That’s sort of how he rolls. If you missed it or just aren’t all that sure who Prokhorov is, be sure to watch the piece 60 Minutes did with him.

Or you can just read his blog. I got the image above from this post apparently publicizing a magazine interview he did for some Russian publication. The whole thing is in Russian, but through the wonders of Google Translate, I was able to read this (poorly translated) post about some recent jetskiing he did in the Maldives:

My holidays have stood out loud: a lot of work over closing the deal on buying the club NBA and managed to tear a few days in the Maldives is mainly for the sports part – for 7-8 hours a day (although, of course, and not only).

During this time they were ever big waves, up to 5 meters, So that could take on a full ride, surfing on the jets.

Unfortunately the best moments of skiing “nailed” the rain, but still something on the film and pics can be seen. Feelings were very sharp, especially when you get into a ridge and turns you 15-20 seconds. Actually, sometimes it was very frightening. ” But there were no injuries, and pleasant physical fatigue from sports fees is only a plus.

Tough life. (video via NBA.com)

UPDATE: Mark Cuban did an interview with CNN Money, and had this to say about Prokhorov. (h/t @marcelmutoni)

Oh, I love him. He’s a party beast. He’s got a big personality. I even took Russian in high school so I’ll be able to work on it some. I think he’s going to be great. Anytime you introduce personality into the league, anytime you introduce someone with passion, anytime you introduce someone that really wants to win then that’s a huge positive — especially in and around New York. Because the Knicks have struggled, and when New York struggles it makes it harder for the NBA to sell sponsorships. So it’s a win/win situation.

The one thing about him being extremely wealthy — and I don’t think people really focus on this — you can have cheaper tickets. You don’t have to squeeze every last nickel to try to balance the budget and put that into players. The Mavs have $2 seats, we have $5 seats, we have $20 ten-pack season tickets. We’ve lowered prices five years in a row because I don’t need to squeeze every penny out of it. And I think he’ll be in the same position.

OK, internet. We’re gonna start calling Prokhorov “Party Beast” now. You in?

C’mon, Boobie Gibson, Shaq & NJ. Get the…

New C’Mon Son! today.

And, somehow, I missed #7, which also dropped sometime since Thanksgiving and TigerGate. Both are below, and both are heavy on everyone’s favorite allegedly adulterous golfer as well as — fortunately for those of us who run NBA blogs and want to share Ed Lover’s greatness with the world — the National Basketball Association.

Boobie, Diesel and the winless Nets all made the cut. Congrats guys.

Now getthefuckouttaherewithdatbullshit.

(Language NSFW and hat tip to @marcel_mutoni)

C’mon Son! #8

C’mon Son! #7

Brandon Jennings Is The Pterodactyl

I’m not sure if you’ve heard this yet, but Brandon Jennings is incredible. Not only did he drop 55 points in his seventh career NBA game, but he’s averaging 25.2 ppg for the season on 48.2% shooting and 51.9% from three, which would not only be fantastic for, say, Steve Kerr, but is particularly impressive for a 20-year-old who fell to the 10th pick in the draft, at least in part, because he was said to possess a suspect jumper.

So, just FYI, we’ll now be referring to him as The Pterodactyl around these here webtubes. Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm came up with it. djturtleface gave us the below illustration. And I think it’s a perfect fit for the kid who has inspired us to say “Chuck Norris is the white Brandon Jennings.”

Thus, it is now official. Put it on the board.

In related news, CDR is now The Dread Pirate Chris Douglas-Roberts courtesty of Russ Bengston Update your Outlook and Gmail contact lists accordingly.

Mostly, it’s just great to see all these early-year additions to the big board. Keep up the good work.

Brandon Jennings Pterodactyl

NBA Postcard Preview ’09: The Atlantic

Unfortunately, I’m not a professional NBA blogger yet. No, no. This nonsense is pure amateur hour. In my actual career, I’m a mailman. A letter carrier. A master of the postal arts. Il postino.

It’s not the best job, but I make it much better. I steal. A lot. I’d say that out of any given ten letters I pick up, I thieve seven or eight. And ya know who writes a ton of letters? NBA players. I was shocked too. But I’m talking, like, a ton. In fact, the only thing they mail more than letters are postcards. Yup. Postcards. They send em to everyone. They send them to each other. They send them to their coaches. People send postcards to them. And sometimes they even send postcards to themselves.

These are the ones I stole last week. (See also: The Central)

Boston Celtics



New Jersey Nets



New York Knicks



Philadelphia 76ers



Toronto Raptors