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Edgar Allan Poe on the Knicks’ Loss to the Heat

A somber Edgar Allen recaps New York’s defeat at the hands of the Heat. (Unintentional rhyme there. Sorry. But I’m not going back to edit. Deal with it. *puts on shades*) I particularly enjoyed Poe’s take on Amar’e snapping his consecutive 30-point-game streak.

As Christmas carolers soon sing oh noel
Amar’e was singing “Oh, no … Joel”
His streak of thirty ended ugly
Clanking free throws just like Chris Dudley

These are definitely Clyde Frazier’s favorite viral videos. You can see more videos from StentorianMusing here.

Sitting Courtside

My boy Danny Matland is a helluva rapper. I’ve heard him freestyle live at parties and listened to tracks he has laid down in the booth, and the kid can spit.

Here’s an NBA reference from his latest freestyle (video below).

Fuck being a waiter, I don’t make enough paper
I wanna be sideline with Jack watching Lakers
But I ain’t from LA, so sorry I beg ya pardon
I’d meant with Spike while I’m chilling at the Garden


Danny also had a track on his demo that featured one of my favorite NBA-related lyrics of all time (and I have a lot). One of the better ways you could ever describe your potential, I thought.

I’m frightening to your squad, like Miller to the Knicks
I’m young with a future like Jordan in ’86

You can catch some of his other work over on YouTube.