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KJ Is Shit-Talking Obama

The New York Times ran a good piece the other day on Barack’s hoop-love and it quotes KJ on whether or not he would come to DC to run some pickup.

“If the president calls, you have to accept,” said Kevin Johnson, a former guard for the Phoenix Suns who was elected last year as mayor of Sacramento and has talked about sports and politics with Mr. Obama. What would he say if the president invited him to a game? “That would be his first mistake in office. I’d have to skunk him.”

Needless to say, Obama is still certainly the best baller to ever head the free world. But before he can start inviting people over to play for real, he’s gonna hafta renovate the neglected White House court that Bushie the First had installed in 1991.

It is a lonely site, far smaller than many suburban driveways where a hoop may be anchored above the garage. The green surface, which measures 26 by 26 feet, has weathered and cracked a bit since it was installed 18 years ago. The court, which sits next to the groundskeeping building, has one hoop.

(Before he decides whether he will upgrade the basketball offerings at the White House, perhaps he could drop by the fifth floor of the Supreme Court, where an indoor basketball court is known as “The Highest Court in the Land.”)

The Highest Court in the Land? That’s fantastic. Get Ruth Bader on the court and she’s trouble. Last recess she fucked around and got a triple double.

Little Barack Addresses Colbert Nation

After riding the strength of the Both Teams Bump all the way to City Hall, Kevin Johnson is now trying to use the Colbert Bump to increase the national awareness of Sacramento, a city that Stephen aptly reminds him is a you “can’t even buy a sandwich after 10 o’clock.”

Since he’s the first black mayor of Sacto, Colbert also inquires if “are you just [a little bit] pissed at Barack Obama? He totally stole your thunder, man.”

The whole segment is pretty great so head over to TrueHoop and check it out.

Obama Loves Ball, Ball Loves Obama

With good reason, the Ballersphere has been rampant with Obama news over the last two days. Here’s a best of top-ten.


A very special message from CB4 (via Fanhouse)


I wonder who Steve Francis voted for? KG and TMac too? (via Ball Don’t Lie)


What did Obama do yesterday before becoming President? He played ball at Attack Athletics, MJ’s stomping grounds.

Hoops heads see “Attack Athletics” and one name jumps to mind: Michael Jordan. Attack is Tim Grover’s famous gym, where MJ went from phenom to Greatest of All Time. Grover was MJ’s personal trainer for years; these days, Grover’s summer clients include Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, O.J. Mayo … pretty much the brightest guards in the world. Attack might be the most cited dateline in the run-up to the June draft — besides IMG in Florida and Joe Abunassar’s joint in Las Vegas, Grover trains the cream of every draft class.

Was Attack just the most convenient gym to play at this morning? Maybe. I prefer to think of the decision as a magnificent display of swag. At the very least, it’s good vibes.


Two great t-shirts from Undrcrwn. You can buy them at their website: www.undrcrwn.com. (via Slam and Slam again)


Last night, KG and the rest of the Celtics were amped more by Obama’s win than their own. (via TrueHoop)

HOUSTON – Doc Rivers kept his focus on game preparations before the Celtics’ 103-99 win over Houston last night. But afterward he turned his attention to the presidential election.

“The guys are celebrating in there,” Rivers said of his players’ reaction to Barack Obama’s victory. “I told them this isn’t a black-and-white thing, don’t look at it that way. It’s good for America. I don’t care who you voted for, America got involved.”

Before the game, Rivers had observed, “This is the first time I can remember in sports so many guys being so interested in the results. I’ve never seen anything like this, ever.

UPDATE: Wrote Rondo on his blog:

OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT! I can’t even explain how I feel right now. All I have to say is that we have to repeat, because we have to go back to the White House to meet Obama.


Mark Cuban is proud to be an American and, as happens on occasion, he wrote something I agree with wholeheartedly.

On the economic side, other than being ok with him raising my effective tax rate to 40pct, there isn’t a lot of his economic policy that I do agree with him on. So why did I vote for him ?

Its simple. Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

That dream, staying viable, being reinvigorated, will do more for this country than any economic policy or any legislation that could ever be passed.


Brown Recluse, Esq.’s reaction last night at 10:17 pm on freedarko.

It’s Over


Not Obama-related but still political…On the strength of the Both Teams bump, the new mayor of Sacramento is Kevin Johnson. The Sacramento Bee (a newspaper, not a spelling contest) showed it’s canny penchant for cleverness and originality with an opening line that, shockingly, used two basketball/athletics cliches.

The opening tipoff of the Kevin Johnson era is barely in the books, but the mayor-elect is off and running today, making the rounds of media events, waving to morning commuters on J Street, and promising to stop the financial bleeding at City Hall.

KJ’s main focus seems to be the city budget, but he had a nice quote about him being an unlikely person to become Sacto’s mayor.

“A little knucklehead kid, a poor kid from Oak Park going away and coming back and being the mayor of the city he grew up in — that’s the American dream,” he said. “I hope it’s a great example for every young person in our community that if you work hard, you get a great education and have good character, anything is possible.”


Greg Oden’s call to Barack the Vote (from Monday). He sounds very scripted and, surprisingly, somewhat homosexual.


Another message and video, this one of Hawks reserve PG Acie Law voting yesterday. Thanks to “scout,” without whom none of this riveting footage would have been possible. Someone call the Academy.

Man i voted for the 1st time today and to show u how serious i was about it I had my boi (scout) sneak a video camera in so we could get some footage for you all. Im excited about this whole change movement I really believe its goin to happen. I know its early but if the numbers are any indication Sen. Barack Obama is goin to be our guy for the next four years. I dont really have alot to say about my 1st experience, it went smooth i was worried tht i mite be late for practice but i was only there for about half an hour. I was expecting to be there much longer thinking tht the crowd would be huge but it wasnt bad at all. This is something ill be able to tell my children about tht i was apart of history, i was apart of gettin Sen. Obama in office THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!!



I just found this so we’re doing eleven. And I really wish I would have voted for Nick Young. He sounds intelligent. (via Bullets Forever)



Why not? Despite the fact that Obama isn’t a kid dying in a hospital with cancer or anything, Melo is playing for our new President tonight. (via Slam)

At the Nuggets’ shootaround, there was a post-election buzz. Carmelo Anthony smiled and said, “I’m going to try to score 44 tonight,” in honor of president-elect Barack Obama, who was elected Tuesday as America’s 44th president.

Since they are playing GState and he no longer has to let Ivy take 18 shots per night, his biggest problem will probably be keeping it that low.

And how bout we just say, let me know if I missed any other good ones in the comments.

Kevin Johnson, Would You Please Be Our Mayor

Along with its fresh redesign, The Atlantic did a nice little write up on KJ’s mayoral campaign in his hometown Sacramento, where he narrowly won a June election over fellow democrat and incumbent Mayor Heather Fargo (and five others). A run-off vote to determine the victor will be held on November 4 between Fargo and KJ, who was a poli-sci major at Cal-Berkely “who passed the long hours of [NBA] travel reading books and policy papers while his teammates played cards and video games.”

KJ has nobly devoted his post-NBA career being a “community organizer,” most notably establishing the St. Hope Academy, a nonprofit education organization that has since turned Sacramento High into a charter school. According to the article, his penchant for this work and the beginnings of his political aspirations began during his playing days.

Even as his NBA career progressed, Johnson became fluent in the language of policy entrepreneurs, salting his conversation with terms like ‘holistic community development’ and ‘personalized learning.’ A born networker, he traded on his celebrity to meet business and political luminaries wherever he traveled.

When he retired from the Phoenix Suns, in 2000, both the Republicans and the Democrats asked him to run for governor of Arizona. Johnson demurred, choosing instead to put into practice what he’d learned about the power of business to transform urban areas.

Good luck, KJ. May I suggest that this be the only campaign advertisement you run?

And I’m not familiar with his policies, but if his executive leadership skills are anywhere even nearly as good as his Dream impersonation skills, Sacto will be in good hands.