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The 8th Seed Podcast, August Edition


This is sort of like that whole Christmas in July thing. Only instead of presents and candy, you get to listen to a bunch of meatheads talk about hoops in this very special episode of The 8th Seed Podcast: August Edition in September. Long story short, we recorded this on Monday night, but I had a busy week down at the glue-huffing factory and never got around to editing/posting it until now.

Luckily, nothing has really happened all week in the NBA so none of this is dated, really. We talk Team USA a lot, specifically discussing their 2-point win over Brazil, and while the squad has played two more games since then, there wasn’t a lot to be learned by watching Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon and company stomp Iran and Tunisia by a combined 75 points.

We also talk about the Melo situation in Denver, call Matt Moore a racist, launch the soon-to-be-recurring “Try to Make Zach Cry Segment,” break down the Summers of Dallas, San Antonio, Minnesota, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Boston, which, as John Karalis lets us know has “cornered the market on O’Neals.”

Cast and crew (only seven of us this month … Michael De Leon of Project Spurs couldn’t make it):

Listen. (Download here.)

Talking About Practice: Episode 10

Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse and Sactown Royalty and John Karalis of Red’s Army stop by to talk about the puzzling Game 5 performance by LeBron James in the Cavs/Celtics series as well as prognosticate on what we will see tonight during Game 6. Ziller is on for the first half hour and also drops some knowledge on Lakers/Suns (with a Nash vs. Fish discussion getting some good burn) before John hops in around the 30-minute mark.


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Me, Red’s Army, That Sports Babe and Project Spurs Chat About the Playoffs

NBA Playoffs

This was last night before we knew the exact seeds/match-ups, but it was still a really good podcast as me and Jeff Garcia of Project Spurs joined John Karalis and That Sports Babe for the latest episode of the Boston & The Sports Babe Show.

We chat about all things playoffs and break down most of the teams, while also giving out of regular season awards.

Good talk. See ya out there.

(Click through to play the audio or click the link above)

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Boston, Boredom, Rondo, Sheed, Chewbacca

As a nice little dovetail to the Celtics thing I did yesterday, I ended up joining John Karalis (who you know from this Logo Project post and The 8th Seed NBA Podcast) and That Sports Babe (who you should follow @ThatSportsBabe) on their aptly titled radio show Boston & That Sports Babe.

Here’s last night’s episode.

I come in around the 15 minute mark if you want to just jump ahead to the good stuff.

We talked about the Celtics being “bored” with the regular season, chatted with a caller about Rondo perhaps deserving some of the blame for this Boston mess (something I disagree with wholeheartedly) and John called me Chewbacca at one point. I’ll admit that the beard could probably use a trim, but c’mon.

You can catch future episodes of Boston & That Sports Babe most every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Northeast Elitist Standard Time.


Talking About Practice: Episode 2

John Karalis of Reds Army stops by to talk Celtics.

We get pretty in depth about Rajon Rondo (and reference this lenghty Boston Globe article on him that, in part, details his love for Connect Four), discuss Sheldon Williams vs. Big Baby, chat about the defense and mention some of the more typical Big Three/Sheed stuff as well. John also shares his thoughts on the other Eastern Conference contenders and faces the dreaded Ten Questions, which is an obvious gimmick that I am hoping your company would one day like to sponsor. (Call me.)

We did this before the Celtics beat Golden State last night, which was nice because John was willing to humor me and evaluate some of Boston’s few flaws rather than focusing on how dominant they are and likely will stay all season. Still, good times and there is a nice little Easter egg in there towards the end for you Boston fans.

That’s about all.

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