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The Playoffs Are Here; The Hiatus Is Over

Sorry, folks. A bunch of real life forces combined to create a total shutdown around these the last few months (and, really, the whole season). I should have at least left a note, I know, but my dad was never friends with J. Walter Weatherman. I never learned.

But we’re back for the Playoffs. (More importantly, so is Doc Funk.)

The opening weekend was sublime. Not only did CP3, Dwight, Durant, JKidd and even Jermaine O’Neal put in some great individual performances, but all the match ups were competitive and both of the top two seeds out West lost their games. We really are entering an era where there are so many great players and very good teams that the league is becoming more unpredictable. That’ss a good thing — particularly for those of us who think predicting things is the least interesting thing a sportswriter could do.

There are at least five teams that can win the title and I can’t remember the last year during which I even thought there were legitimately three. Definitely not four. But any of Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and even the Spurs could take home the trophy and I wouldn’t be surprised. (The Spurs didn’t look very good without Manu though now did they? OK. Maybe it is just four. Sorry, Sixers.)

I can’t guarantee that there will be new content here everyday during the Playoffs but we will return much closer to the normal frequency of mediocre writing you have come to expect during the next 40 days and 40 nights. This will be the case even more so once the Pacers are eliminated in, oh, another six-ish days and my duties at 8 Points, 9 Seconds relent somewhat. Perhaps there will even be some new faces writing around here. Who knows? Stay tuned on that.

For now, I’ll just leave you with my three favorite plays from the first weekend of the Playoffs. For other fun-time NBA greatness, also check out Pacers/Bulls Game 1 in Pictures. Joakim Noah really steals the show.

Doc Funk Friday

There have been a lot of great developments so far during NBA Playoffs: Week 1.

Deron Williams proved to be even more amazing than we thought. The Spurs stole home court from the Mavs. Josh Smith has devoured four souls. Dwyane Wade learned new and more vengeful ways to hate his teammates. Joakim Noah went to war with the city of Cleveland. Gerald Wallace suffered 14 undiagnosed concussions. And J-Rich had the best game of his career.

Still, the best development of this postseason thus far has not happened on the court or even within Joakim’s scrunchy — it has happened in Photoshop.

Doc Funk has been dropping masterfully captioned photos after each game, and every batch is better than the last. LOLz for dayz. So to help spread awareness and revisit some of the awesome, I’m planning to do a little “best of” recap each Friday until the trophy is handed out by posting my fav five (don’t call it that) of the week.

Be sure to check out Doc Funk’s Brain on Funk for many, many more everyday.

And please let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite.

Here goes:

matt barnes block bobcats orlando magic

Matt Barnes and some ref from Magic/Bobcats Game 2

kevin durant phil jackson

Kevin Durant and Phil Jackson from Lakers/Thunder Game 1

lebron locker room media

LeBron from Cavs/Bulls Game 2

vinny del negro

Vinny of the Black from Cavs/Bulls Game 3

kevin durant russell westbrook thunder

KD and Russell Westbrook from Lakers/Thunder Game 3

Some Recent Stuff

Since it’s summer and I’m busy getting caught up in life, here’s a rundown of a few recent NBA things that you really ought to check out.

Tis all for now. I’ll be back with something less lazy in due time but, for now, do your homework and click on all those links. And get that oil, son.

  • UPDATE: [Disclaimer: I realize the following sentence probably makes me sound like a douchebag.] I’ve always heard that Toronto is the most diverse city in the world, but living in New York, it’s sort of hard to believe that that’s actually true. Regardless, the status of Toronto as a truly international city is undeniable. And Pardeep Toor has written a phenomenal column on how the Raptors are designing their roster in the mold of their city and how this concept similarly worked for the Pistons. Those building the Brawl-era Pacers and JailBlazers, however, failed to account for local culture and paid the price. This is probably the best article on this list. Go read it now.