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The Polish Hammer For Reals, For Reals

There’s not a lot I can — or need to — add to this image. It’s Marcin Gortat, aka The Polish Hammer, posing with … let me finish … a hammer. I wasn’t aware that he doesn’t really dig the nickname, but according to @whatthenoelle from whose (whom’s?) website this image comes, Marcin seems to not be a huge fan.

As @whatthenoelle puts it:

1) How can you deny the Polish Hammer nickname and then pose for this?

2) Is that The Fonz tattooed over his heart?

3) Does any NBA player reward you for Google Image searching quite like Marcin Gortat?

Allow me to retort:

1) You cannot.

2) I sure do hope so.

3) Manute Bol and Kenny “Sky” Walker are both pretty good.

I wish I would have done this well on my SATs. Coulda been a contender.

marcin gortat

Not a Lot of Dave Coulier Fans in Orlando

Skeets found a good video today where about half of the players on the Magic fail to identify the theme song to Full House. In their defense, most of them do actually know the song, but can’t come up with the show title.

One of them does eventually get it right, however. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but it may or may not have been JJ Redick. I know, I was shocked, too. Courtney Lee almost had it though.