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C’mon, Boobie Gibson, Shaq & NJ. Get the…

New C’Mon Son! today.

And, somehow, I missed #7, which also dropped sometime since Thanksgiving and TigerGate. Both are below, and both are heavy on everyone’s favorite allegedly adulterous golfer as well as — fortunately for those of us who run NBA blogs and want to share Ed Lover’s greatness with the world — the National Basketball Association.

Boobie, Diesel and the winless Nets all made the cut. Congrats guys.

Now getthefuckouttaherewithdatbullshit.

(Language NSFW and hat tip to @marcel_mutoni)

C’mon Son! #8

C’mon Son! #7


I don’t think I’ve posted anything about Lamar’s summer cause, frankly, who gives a damn? He’s one of thousands of dudes in LA who married some famous-for-no-reason girl. Good for him, I suppose. Hope they have a wonderful life together.

Although, it is funny to see them run around the promotional rounds to promote … er … I’m not sure what exactly. Lamar is on a pretty popular NBA team that I believe already has a pretty lucrative TV contract and fan following in place. Of course, I guess it is beneficial for his post-NBA career to become more well-known outside of just NBA circles now. And I suppose Khloe has some TV show or something maybe? If we’re being honest, I barely know who she is.

Anyway, I post this because it’s Kimmel, who is generally funny and does good NBA-related stuff on the reg, and because it’s pretty hilarious that Khloe doesn’t even know who the Lakers beat in the Finals last year. Lamar also calls Jimmy a “little freak.” All in all, good times. (hat tip to @ticktock6 of Hornets Hype)

If you only have five minutes, however, definitely skip the Kimmel thing and instead watch the next video. Here, Ed Lover gives his thoughts on Khlodom (at the 3:20 mark) in the latest episode of “C’Mon Son,” which, in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, is easily the best thing to happen to the internet in the year two thousand and nine.

I won’t spoil it for you, but he compares Khloe to the mascot of a children’s cereal. This, however, begs the more hoops-related question: If you were to compare any member of the Lakers to a cereal cartoon character, who would it be and why? Show your work in the comments.