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Conan O’Brien at the 1995 All-Star Game

Did you hear about this Conan guy? Apparently he’s a big deal. In just like seven months he went from pretty funny guy who hosted a show that was on past my bedtime to guy who hosted a show for old people to guy who is such a sympathetic figure for being jobbed over by his bosses that he inspired a bunch of grown men to call another grown man “CoCo.”

C’est la vie.

The whole mess was such a sad display of “crap wins” and “actual funny isn’t actually funny to very many people” that it’s pretty depressing. But the outpouring of support for Conan does at least go to show that there ultimately are a lot of people who do actually enjoy stuff that doesn’t only cater to the mainstream. So that’s cool.

More importantly, here’s some video of Conan back when he was really underground-ish-er back in 1995. He visits the All-Star Weekend going on in Phoenix and chats it up with Dikembe, Shaq, thin Barkley, awkward Scottie Pippen, looks-exactly-the-same-in-2010 John Stockton and David Robinson, who explains that he got nicknamed the Admiral because — and he’s not sure why — people didn’t want to call him “seaman.”

Seriously. He says that. (video via NBA Offseason)

First of All … Dwight’s Got Impressions

We all know that Dwight Howard is a walking comedy act. He’s usually slightly too wholesome and includes a little too much singing and/or dancing in his antics to really make me LOL (laugh out loud), but he’s one of the four or five most personable dudes in the League.

And here he is doing a fantastic impression of Charles Barkley.

Maybe SNL should have called up Supes to host instead of airing that turrrible, turrrible episode they had with the Chuckster a few weeks ago. It wasn’t so much Charles being bad as just poorly written skits, but still. How they didn’t have a skit where Kenan Thompson played Barkley (which he does rather well) while Charles played … I dunno … anyone else — Mahatma Gandhi, maybe? — I will never figure out. I was watching that almost-mediocre “Reel Quotes” one near the beginning and thinking “not too, too bad … guess they’re getting the bad ones out of the way early” unbeknownst that that would be the best thing in the entire show.

At least they did a good job stimulating the wigmaker sector of the economy though. Charles must have donned 12 different unkempt hairdos. Gotta give em propers for that. (video via The Baseline via Ball Don’t Lie)

Can Charles Barkley Still Dunk?

Fair warning … I don’t have any video evidence one way or the other.

But even the Chuckster himself admits that he indeed can longer dunk during the promo for his upcoming Saturday Night Live episode. First of all, yes, it’s true: Charles Barkley is hosting SNL this weekend.

And while I’m sure the broadcast will be much more terrific than it is turrrrrible, more than anything, this made me smile because it reminded me of my favorite NBA-related SNL skit of all time: The Iconoclasts episode where Sir Charles and Björk have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Oh, Bork. You are precious.

Stay Updated on Fishing Season

Thanks to the NBA-friendly folks over at Undrcrwn, you can now download a computer desktop honoring the 2009 Playoffs fallen teams. Thus far, we’re talking about the Pistons, Spurs, Hornets and Jazz, but check back maybe as soon as tonight for an updated version, which he plans to keep up on all the way through the Finals.

Let’s all hope Chicago isn’t the next logo we see. (via Dime)