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The Boston Celtics Celebrate Halloween

The 2010-11 Celtics are having way too much fun. Below are some images of how they spent their Halloween.

I bet Big Baby cried extra hard after they told him, “No Glen, we are not going to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown this year either.”

celtics halloween

Rajon Rondo as a roughed-up Tiger Woods, Jermaine O’Neal as Mr. T, Glen Davis as someone who only woke up to go eat ribs, Delonte West as the guy who tried to assassinate King James in “The Gunpowder Plot” (arguably the greatest moment of accidental apropos-ishness ever recorded), Paul Pierce as a leprechaun frog and Kevin Garnett as some disc jockey from a kid’s show called Yo Gabba Gabba! (or so I was told). (via here)

Shaq Halloween

Shaquille O’Neal as Shaqeeta and some oompa loompa as a pimp. (via here)

marquis daniels halloween

Marquis Daniels as Killah Priest, probably. (via here)

celtics halloween 2

Paul Pierce still as the frog prince, Ray Allen as Moochie Norris on prom night, David Ortiz as Cee Lo dressing up like Wolverine (maybe) and Kevin Garnett still as Bruce Pearl going skiing. (via here)

UPDATE: Shaq also did some singing and dancing. In his car. In drag. “Drag” racing you could perhaps call it if you like stretching for bad puns. You can tell he’s really old and out of touch by the lack of Whip My Hair Back and Forth-ing going on here. (via here … hat tip to @Nat77)

The 8th Seed Podcast, August Edition


This is sort of like that whole Christmas in July thing. Only instead of presents and candy, you get to listen to a bunch of meatheads talk about hoops in this very special episode of The 8th Seed Podcast: August Edition in September. Long story short, we recorded this on Monday night, but I had a busy week down at the glue-huffing factory and never got around to editing/posting it until now.

Luckily, nothing has really happened all week in the NBA so none of this is dated, really. We talk Team USA a lot, specifically discussing their 2-point win over Brazil, and while the squad has played two more games since then, there wasn’t a lot to be learned by watching Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon and company stomp Iran and Tunisia by a combined 75 points.

We also talk about the Melo situation in Denver, call Matt Moore a racist, launch the soon-to-be-recurring “Try to Make Zach Cry Segment,” break down the Summers of Dallas, San Antonio, Minnesota, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Boston, which, as John Karalis lets us know has “cornered the market on O’Neals.”

Cast and crew (only seven of us this month … Michael De Leon of Project Spurs couldn’t make it):

Listen. (Download here.)

Doc Funk Friday, Vol. IV

So I completely forgot about doing this whole Doc Funk Friday thing for like three straight weeks. My bad, comedy. Won’t let it happen again. In case you forgot, these are my favorite five Doc Funk captions from the past week. You can see many, many, many more masterworks over at Brain On Funk.

Check it early and often.

Kevin Garnett Doc Rivers

kobe bryant

Glen Big Baby Davis

Kevin Garnett Sheed

Shannon Brown