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Talking About Practice: Episode 10

Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse and Sactown Royalty and John Karalis of Red’s Army stop by to talk about the puzzling Game 5 performance by LeBron James in the Cavs/Celtics series as well as prognosticate on what we will see tonight during Game 6. Ziller is on for the first half hour and also drops some knowledge on Lakers/Suns (with a Nash vs. Fish discussion getting some good burn) before John hops in around the 30-minute mark.


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Doc Funk Friday, Vol. III

I forgot about this yesterday. So it’s now Saturday. But I’m not changing the title. And it also means you get two new ones from last night that you perhaps may not have seen if not for my blunder. Lucky you. The lesson here: remembering things isn’t as beneficial as your third grade teacher told you it was. That bitch.

Previous Doc Funk Friday installments can be found here. And much, much more unadulterated goodness can be found from the man himself at Brain on Funk.

Head that way ASAP.

Amare Stoudemire Suns Simpsons

From Suns vs. Spurs Game 2

Patrick Ewing Dwight Howard

From Magic vs. Hawks Game 1

LeBron James Chappelle

From Cavs vs. Celtics Game 3

Steve Nash Phoenix Suns

From Suns vs. Spurs Game 1

Gregg Popovich

From Suns vs. Spurs Game 3