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Doc Funk Friday, Vol. II

Last week, I decided that yall needed to see the great work Doc Funk is doing with his NBA captions. Now, you shall see it again. Here are my favorite five from the past seven days, but be sure to head over to Brain on Funk where you can see all of his many, many other hilarious and insightful photos.

(Yes, I know it’s not Friday anymore, but (a) it still is for two more minutes on the West Coast, and (b) Doc Funk Saturday doesn’t sound as good.)

Stan Van Gundy

From Magic/Bobcats Game 4

Ersan Ilyasova Jennings

From Hawks/Bucks Game 5

Jerry Sloan

From Nuggets/Jazz Game 5

Mark Cuban tshirt

From Mavs/Spurs Game 5

Mbah a Moute

From Hawks/Bucks Game 5

The Pterodactyl Tries to Pull a Fast One But Ref Says “Not So Fast, Guy Named After an Extinct Winged Lizard-Like-Thing. Or Wait Is It a Bird?”

…or something.

Basically, once upon a time, Andrew Bogut got fouled and was supposed to shoot two free throws. But he’s a terrible free-throw shooter as you know. So Brandon Jennings, who is a good free-throw shooter and a guy who me and like a dozen other people call The Pterodactyl, thought to himself that he could use the ensuing commotion of the referee telling the scorer’s table what had just happened to sneak in and take the free-throws.

And it worked.


Brandon steps to the line, catches the pass from the referee and shoots — and makes — the first free-throw. But the other ref soon realizes what’s going on and runs over and is all like “the jig is up, Pterodactyl Face With The Flat Top” and takes the ball away, ruining both Brandon’s master scheme and disappointing all the children.

Then Bogut goes to the line as regularly scheduled.

And, in a tale as old as time, he misses two free throws.

The end.

(video via BareKnucks)

Brandon Jennings Is The Pterodactyl

I’m not sure if you’ve heard this yet, but Brandon Jennings is incredible. Not only did he drop 55 points in his seventh career NBA game, but he’s averaging 25.2 ppg for the season on 48.2% shooting and 51.9% from three, which would not only be fantastic for, say, Steve Kerr, but is particularly impressive for a 20-year-old who fell to the 10th pick in the draft, at least in part, because he was said to possess a suspect jumper.

So, just FYI, we’ll now be referring to him as The Pterodactyl around these here webtubes. Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm came up with it. djturtleface gave us the below illustration. And I think it’s a perfect fit for the kid who has inspired us to say “Chuck Norris is the white Brandon Jennings.”

Thus, it is now official. Put it on the board.

In related news, CDR is now The Dread Pirate Chris Douglas-Roberts courtesty of Russ Bengston Update your Outlook and Gmail contact lists accordingly.

Mostly, it’s just great to see all these early-year additions to the big board. Keep up the good work.

Brandon Jennings Pterodactyl