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Reggie’s Mailbag: Vol. VIII

Reggie’s live from Amway Arena for this new edition of the Mailbag. And he’s telling us who he thinks were the best role players that he played against.

PG – BJ Armstrong: “The Baby-Faced Assassin.”

SG – Michael Cooper: “Coop was one of the best defensive players ever.”

SF – Robert Horry: “Big Shot Bob.”

PF – Kurt Rambis: “You got Dwight Howard talking about he’s Superman. Shaquille O’Neal talking about how he’s Superman. But who was the real Clark Kent?”

C – Bill Laimbeer – “Mr. Bad Boy himself.”

Until next time, boys and girls.

Don’t forget, you can send your questions to Reggie at ReggiesMailbag@turner.com.

Best Blogger Alive: Vol. VI

Guess what, Both Teamsters? You’re getting a Weezy double-feature as well. I know, I know…it’s like Channukah came early. But please, you can keep your po-tay-to pancakes.

With no more ado, here’s the NBA highlights of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr’s Thanksgiving Day post:

LeBron James might as well go out with a Knicks jersey on at this point. What’s happening is so unfair to the Cleveland fans. All they hear about is LeBron and the Knicks. It seems like a rough, rough time to be a Cleveland fan right now. LeBron’s got a tough decision. If I was the man LeBron is, I’d go ahead and make that move. LeBron is bigger than life, and Cleveland can’t hold him.

Valid points.

But much more important than that is the fact that Pat Riley not only knows who Lil Wayne is, but he is familiar with his touring schedule.

I went to the Heat game on Monday night to check out my man DJ Augustin, who is from New Orleans. Dwyane Wade was amazing and I also met Pat Riley. I was sitting courtside and he came walking by and wished me luck playing at the arena on Sunday, so that was cool. He was just passing by and I was watching the game so we didn’t get to talk much, but I appreciated that. It’s always cool to meet players and coaches you watched when you were growing up, and I get nervous sometimes. It’s a lot different than meeting guys you watch as an adult.

But Armani wearing, slickback Hall of Fame coaches aren’t the only NBA legends Weezy gets to meet on a regular basis. Oh no. He’s also kicking it with Bad Boys enforcers and WBNA ladies that I’ve never heard of.

Last year on my tour I met Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambeer [sic] ’cause we were staying in the same hotel. They were there with their WNBA team the Detroit Shock and they were funny. That was right around the time they had just acquired Ivory Latta, and she came in to the lobby and saw me and started screaming, “Oh, s—t! I love you!” She was screaming, man. I told her I loved her game and to keep doing her thing.

Coincidentally, that’s the exact same advice I gave Birdman Jr when he asked me for blogging advice.