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CB4 Is Getting That Arab Money

Chris Bosh did a superb interview with Nick Friedell over at Ball Don’t Lie that everyone should go read. It centers around CB4’s internet celebrity and also includes this great back-and-forth about the time his girl trashed talked LeBron into a 4th Quarter for the ages and a Raptor loss.

BDL: Your girl heckled LeBron last year during a game and he went off for 24 points in the fourth quarter and ended up beating you guys. Do you still laugh about that with her, or have you tried to forget it ever happened?

CB: It’s kind of old news. I just put it behind me. A lot of people get mixed opinions about that. I just wish we had won the game. Then it wouldn’t be a big deal. [LeBron] really turned it on [at the end of that game]. LeBron’s one of those guys, he’s just so talented. If he feels that he has a challenge, he loves a challenge, he’ll jump right into it. Most of the time he’s going to do well.

BDL: So you’re not going to have her heckle anybody this season.

CB: That’s another story.

BDL: Is that a yes … or a no?

CB: (Smiles) There will be none of that.

Much more importantly, it also references a video of Bosh doing the Arab Money dance that I have somehow never seen before. And if you watch til the end, it looks like he even throws in a few Mac elbow moves as well.

In missing this occurrence when it dropped, I have disgraced myself and my family. I’m just glad I don’t live in Japan.

Here it is — belated, yet still glorious.