Dana Barros Wants To Start Talking About Fat, Multiracial Midgets in a Sweaty Bathtub

There really is little better in life than hearing such Confucian wisdom from a former NBA tweener with a girl’s name who hadn’t even entered your stream of consciousness in a half-dozen years. Presumably, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry, baby birds, I’ll feed ya.

And here’s the Dana Barros transcript for those of yall too lazy to sit through a two-minute Semi-Pro trailer:

“When you start talking about bringing people together in a sweaty bathtub — black/white, big/tall, skinny/fat, midget/giant — bringing ’em together in a sweaty bathtub…how much more together can you get than that?”

It’s hard to nitpick with such unadulterated greatness, but given the presence of so many former Celtics and broadcast booth mate “Tommy Point!” Heinsohn, would it really have been that difficult to dig up Bob Cousy solely so we could hear him pronounce Dana’s last name?

And, I’m not a professional movie critic, but I’m pretty sure a Dino Radja sighting would have clinched that Academy Award. Amateurs.


Reggie and Barack

Ryne Nelson over at Odenized posted another of the always popular “Separated at Birth” candidates the other day. Here’s the video, which for some reason was shown on the jumbotron in Oracle Arena.

I didn’t see it at first, but there are actually some real similarities. Both are skinny and light-skinned with big ears. And the noses, chins and grins do bare a resemblance. With the Pacers now starting Kareem Rush at the two, I wouldn’t be surprised if known hoopster Barry “The Bomber” Obama could score himself a 10-day contract with Indy either. Or if not, maybe Barack will at least dump Hibachi and put Uncle Reggie on the ticket.



Reg and Barack 1 side-by-side-5.jpg side-by-side-7.jpg

side-by-side-2.jpg side-by-side-8.jpg side-by-side-6.jpg

I’m Back


For the uninitiated, I’ve been writing on this here BothTeamsPlayedHard.net site with inconsistency since late 2006 and really got going with some semblance of consistency in 2007.

Unfortunately, technical server difficulties destroyed all the old content and I had very little stuff backed up. Eventually, I’ll get some of the old stuff back up but until then, enjoy the new stuff.

Let’s rock.