Lyric Project

ball-w-phonesThe goal of this page is to compile every NBA-related hip hop lyric any MC has put on record. Thus far, we’re still not even close, but the catalog certainly has many of the best from many of the greatest — and by crowdsourcing this out the worldwide NBA- and hip hop-loving communities in a wiki-like fashion, I think we can get most of them.

I’ll continue digging in the crates for more but my collection remains East Coast-centric, so please spread the message to those you think can help out and let me know of those that are missing in the comments.




I was born to rep, you fuckin’ with a hornets’ nest
Old shooters in the corner like Hornacek
Young boys that be handling the rock
Chris Paul dish off, hammer in the sock

Action Bronson
“Meteor Hammer”
Legendary Weapons (Wu-Tang)

I got heart
Like John Starks
Hitting mad sparks
Pass me the mic
And I’ll be rocking
The whole park

“Get It Together”
Ill Communication

This is the jump off, face off, kick off and first pitch
Opening serve or tee off, take your pick
I’m the Mailman delivering styles that I’m concocting
While my man Mr. E assists like John Stockton
I stay wilding, mad range like Ray Allen
And while you rock your anthem I refuse to stay silent


Ay yo linebacker frame, general manager mind
Taking me out would be a shock like when Magic resigned


Low-post brother like Hakeem Olajuwon
Rap without Ak is like Ramadan

“Ak Be Nimble”
Absolute Value

I am champion at beer pong
Allen Iverson, Hakeem Olajuwon

Asher Roth
“I Love College”

Any Tim Duncan spur of the moment
Let the whole world know I run shit

Asher Roth
“Lark on my Go-Kart”
Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Feel me, I’m loved like the great, late Malik Sealy
The one the player haters hate dearly, but can’t near me

“The Flyest”
Stillmatic (Nas)

Now a dime later haters try’n box me in
But like Iverson, I skip hop to the rim

“Make Me”
The Format

I’m low key like them OG crooks out west
Far as poetry, I’m Nas, Biggie, Jay, Mos Def
Rakim, Kool G Rap, Kane, KRS
Rock, Common and Kanye could say I’m blessed
Peace to Ghost, Raekwon and Ron Artest

“Still Alive”

I guess that paper supportin’ his snortin’
Tossing it to them dealers, take it like Lakers did Portland

“Can’t Stop”

We joked about how police choked him out
And he claimed as far as fame, I had enough to bust in Oprah’s mouth
In other words, I was up in clout
And from the curb, I need to pull a Larry Bird for a month and out
Without a sound, I snatched my Guinness off the ground
Rose up gave him a pound and told homie “Hold it down”

“Never Change”




Me and Jay, same track?
You gotta be kidding
It’s like that nigga Jordan, I’m Scottie Pippen
It’s like Magic, Worthy
Parish, Bird be
Stockton, Malone shit
Who gonna stop or hold this?
Game like Doc and Moses
Full-court press and the Roc control this

Beanie Sigel
“Raw & Uncut”
The Truth

Keep bodies on them guns and we share our tools
Deuce-one ball for Philly like Larry Hughes
Keep the Desert Eagle with the beam tucked by the scrotum
Get locked in jail run the block, sell open
My work in jail, I get ‘dro, els, roll em
Rookie nigga clippin’ niggas like L Odoms

Beanie Sigel
“Raw & Uncut”
The Truth

Play the front row seat watchin’ Iverson
First-class aircrafts what I’m flyin in
To L.A. — Shaq, Eddie, Kobe Bryant and them
Save the jokes for Chris Tucker, Richard Pryor and them

Beanie Sigel
Things Fall Apart (The Roots)

I’m addressing all stacks this year
Whenever I’m near
Whether First Union or Madison Square

Beanie Sigel
“Stop Chill”
The Truth

When I kick in the door, wave in the .44
Broad Street Bully hard like wood floors
Harder than the yard up the ford
Bang like D. Howard on the boards

Beanie Sigel
“All For It”
The Broad Street Bully

I’m a big dog like Glen Rob
These niggas is small like tea cup Yorkies

Beanie Sigel
“Why Wouldn’t I”
The Broad Street Bully

My favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne Wingo

Beastie Boys
“B-Boy Bouillabaisse”
Paul’s Boutique

I get my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason
Then I ride the I.R.T. right up to Penn Station

Beastie Boys
“B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak”
Ill Communication

I’m like Clyde and I’m rockin’ steady

Beastie Boys
Check Your Head

Lead my team to sixty wins like my man Pat Ewing

Beastie Boys
“Flute Loop”
Ill Communication

If you block the cash, we lockin’ ass
I’ma put it in your chest like a Stockton pass

Big Daddy Kane
“Platinum Plus”
The Big Picture (Big L)

Even the NBA make rap dollars
Shaquille, Chris Webber, Cedric Ceballos

Big Daddy Kane
Veteran’s Day

They love me cause my swag is so jockish
Freshman year saw a ring like I’m boxing
You voted most likely to never ever top this
I’m Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman … in my hometown

Big K.R.I.T.
“Hometown Hero”
K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

Fuck all the
Glamours and glitz
I plan to get rich
I’m from New York
And never was
A fan of the Knicks

Big L
“’98 Freestyle”

A Bad Boy, just like Notorious Big
A Rockefeller like Shawn Carter
With more game than Ron Harper
The bomb-sparker rapper slash armed robber

Big L
“Deadly Combination”
The Big Picture

Facts on tracks, I recite well
Everybody wanna be like Mike but Mike wanna be like L

Big L
“Let ‘Em Have It ‘L'”
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

And every time I’m in a jam I always find a loophole,
I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol

Big L
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

Ayo, I shatter dreams like Jordan
Assault and batter your team
Your squadron will be barred from rap
Like Adam and Eve from the Garden

Big Punisher
“Dream Shatterer”
Capital Punishment

Might seem that my shit bangs mo’
It’s hot, spit with the octane flow
Time is money and the time ain’t slow
Gotta go hold some of that Lebron James dough

Black Milk
“So Gone”
Popular Demand

The real crack music, approach the fiends,
they approaching me I approach a beef around there
Nigga your career will go down hill like Kobe’s team

Black Milk
Popular Demand

I’m walkin’ in the shoes of a giant
And I was a fan of Jordan way before I knew Bryant

“In Remembrance of Me”
Below the Heavens (Blu & Exile)

This for my niggaz on the block,
Handlin rock like Kenny Anderson
I’m brandishin, stiggedy styles to keep MCs vanishing

“Represent the Real Hip Hop”
KRS One (KRS One)

I’m choking playas like I’m Bob Knight
Choke the coaches like I’m Sprewell
They bowin to the Sayers til they knees swell
I shake the game up worse than Single White Females
Walking to they car alone flashin’ three bills

Brother Ali
Shadows on the Sun

I heard ya album, man, if that’s whatcha call it
Another gangsta fairy tale and for that shit we aint fallin’
All you talkin’ ’bout is slangin’, bangin’, bustin’ and ballin’
But I aint seen yo scary ass at All-Star in New Orleans

Bun B
“Keep it 100”
II Trill




I’m like John Stockton, I don’t even hafta score
I make the game better just by being out there on the floor

C. Rayz Walz
“Battle Me”
Ravipops (The Substance)

Put 7 in your chest if you owe dem checks
And I aint talking ’bout the Clippers, leave your jersey a mess
I’m a veteran, respect me, my basic spit
Make these young playas better, like Jason Kidd
And if I’m gettin’ paper
It’s ’cause I’m rippin’ flavor
I’m nice around the Mike like the Wizards players

C. Rayz Walz
“Buck 80”
Ravipops (The Substance)

Put 6 in your chest like Julius Erving

C. Rayz Walz
Ravipops (The Substance)

Cut ya ears off and asked if you heard me
Cuz your not worthy like James without the Laker jersey

C. Rayz Walz
“The Smackdown” (Apathy)

I already seen Amil but you aint even heard me yet
She moves well without the Roc like the Jersey Nets

C. Rayz Walz
“Guns and Butter”
Ravipops (The Substance)

You squeezin’ bucks? Well you probably poppin’ a buck
I hope you catch Bucks like Milwaukee, what?
Too much players in the game, make it hard to believe
When I got the ball you follow me like a three-man weave

C. Rayz Walz
“Battle Me”
Ravipops (The Substance)

My sixteens’ nice like twin Kobes

C. Rayz Walz
Ravipops (The Substance)

Been up in you favorite star’s stylus, coward
Bite on my hoes like Marv Albert

Confessions of Fire

I hang with Steinbrenner just to get my cash turn
I call my car Jamal, it gets mash burn

Purple Haze

Chill while I’m chasin millions,
I’m a baller that’ll murk you like Jayson Williams

“Ground Zero”
Diplomatic Immunity (The Diplomats)

How many throwbacks this little bastard got?
Catch me in more Houston Rockets than an astronaut

“Get Ya Mind Correct”

Pass me the rock, I know just what to do with it
It’s real vivid, I pivot, through the lane
Three-hundred-and-sixty, behind my back
I take your monkey ass to the rack like Jerry Stack

Charlie 2na
“The Game”
Quality Control
(Jurassic Five)

Comin’ through your lane, with pure skills so stand clear
Vocal charge is a mirage, I still stand here
Damn near, make your shit look soft like Pam Grier
Fans cheer for the paragraph Bill Lambier

Charlie 2na
“The Game”
Quality Control
(Jurassic Five)

I’ll throw it down your throat like Barkley

Chuck D.
“Rebel Without a Pause”
It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Turn it up, I don’t think they hear it enough
Back when Jordans and a gold chain was living it up
Up top I had a high-top fade with the high-tops
Watching my highlight tape from a skybox
Auburn Hills, Michigan, home of the Palace
The place on the map where Isiah beat Magic
Throwing elbows like them Ric Mahorn habits
With that 8-9 Bad Boy hammer on my cap
And you know Chuck did it, now the girls get wit’ it
Tell them kiss it off the glass or pass or kick it
Calling shots from the bench and finger pointing picks
I’m Coach Chuck Daly a.k.a. Daddy Rich
I meant Chuck Inglish, the flicker of the flicks
All net finger roll Allan Houston off the pick
Yeah, the pick of the litter with the kicks

Chuck Inglish
(The Cool Kids)

Motor City tech-ni-cally Rasheed Wallace
Then moved to Chicago for dollars like Ben Wallace

Chuck Inglish
Bake Sale
(The Cool Kids)

I got this 89-90, Pistons champ flat-billed
Black Starter cap with the hologram tags

Chuck Inglish
“Black Mags”
Bake Sale
(The Cool Kids)

Yippedy yes yall, here we go a loopedy loop de loop
A hubbeda hula hoop, a hubbeda alley-oop to Coop
My gadget’s Magic but I’m not a Laker
I’m shakin and bakin and takin cause I’m the backboard breaker

“Take It EZ”
Can I Borrow a Dollar

I started eating cat when I was ten
Before then, I was getting Big Dog like Glen Robinson

Common (Sense)
“Sum Shit I Wrote”

Peep game like a ref, I be in sole control of my desti-
ny in the best of three out of five
Whup anybody ass at NBA Live

‘The Bizness”
Stakes Is High
(De La Soul)

Made signs, building lodges
We be in garages
Discussing who we boned and who God is
Pro black like Craig Hodges

“All Night Long”
One Day It’ll All Make Sense

She been through the ball player from the Clippers
Then came the pumps
All think she number one where she was just a jumpoff

“Drivin’ Me Wild”
Finding Forever

Like Kareem I got the hook up

“Sum Shit I Wrote”

This ain’t Penny Hardaway or Kareem Abdul
It’s Coolio in the house but you can call me cool

“It’s All the Way Live (Now)”

And to my cousin Bam
You my fuckin man, I find it hard to understand
You gone, you physical form is dormant
I’m lost like the Bulls without Jordan

“Fallen Soldiers”
The Realness

My life’s no longer in the hands of district attorneys
Or envious niggas who thirsty cause I’m OT with bricks for thirty
Moving like Magic, but niggaz ain’t Worthy
Like Michael Cooper, when I shoot I aim sturdy

“Tony Montana”
Legal Hustle

My movements like the automatic top on a coupe
Smoothness, like Allan Houston got when he shoots
I’m consumed with, the essence of the street
I’m destined to be, on a level I’ve yet to see
Son I had ’em so comfortable they slept on me
Like the draft did McGrady, this rap shit is crazy

“The Come Up”
The True Meaning

I’ve clearly evolved, like Bibby when Webber was gone

Legal Hustle

I thought that the game was honorable til Porter was slain
When Magic and Jordan were playin’

“Stay Up”
Legal Hustle

I’m back like a vengeance,
Like Sprewell smashing the Knicks
After they shipped him despite the fans resistance

“Tony Montana”
Legal Hustle

You a son like KJ, nigga
I’m the one like Rod Strickland
I cooked up in my aunt’s kitchen

Legal Hustle

My daughter was recently born, I took a brief hiatus
Then Ty died and I fell into a deep oasis
Of despair which reappeared when Spree was traded

Legal Hustle

Fatherless homes as common as police who hate us
For the color of our skin or the Vees we came in
Rockin’ Evisu and those sneakers Rasheed be playin’ in

Legal Hustle

Presently, the coupe I’m in
View is heavenly, as the roof ascends
Like Vince Carter, I’m too intense
For dude’s defense
To stop me, I abuse the rim
Anybody could ball, I do it to win

Legal Hustle

My crew pack mucho banana clips
The way your crew fold, remind me of the Knicks
For real, your starting five aint live as my bench
Four seconds on the clock, your team shot and miss
My threes shut down the defense, your whole game switch

“War Going On”
Operation Take Hip Hop Back (Craig G)

I aint lying, sir
You aint gotta watch Tim Duncan jump to see a flying Spur

Crooked I

As far as them balls get tossed in the hoop
Pierce from Boston explains how often I shoot

Crooked I

Now it’s all about the Terror Squad, ghetto superstars
Extra-large players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Cuban Link
“All Around the World”
Terror Squad: The Album

I be the nasty Cuban, slammin like I’m Patrick Ewing
Pass me a bag of weed, a brew and the track that we’re doing

Cuban Link
“All Around the World”
Terror Squad: The Album




I’m frightening to your squad, like Miller to the Knicks
I’m young with a future like Jordan in ’86

Danny Matland

Fuck being a waiter, I don’t make enough paper
I wanna be sideline with Jack watching Lakers
But I ain’t from LA, so sorry I beg ya pardon
I’d meant with Spike while I’m chilling at the Garden

Danny Matland
Jack & Spike Freestyle

To corny niggaz y’all get ate,
My shit’ll make you faint
So much platinum on my walls
That I can hardly see the fuckin’ paint
You think it ain’t before a year and stopped recordin’
Now look we comin’ back and runnin’ shit like fuckin’ Michael Jordan

“Represent the Real Hip Hop”
KRS One (KRS One)

I own acres, floor seats watchin’ the Lakers
I’m cool with esses who got AKs in cases

Dr. Dre
“Big Egos”

Our record play, man, it’s like Jordan
Rock it better than NASA or lock it tighter than the warden

Dres (Black Sheep)
“Me & My Brother”
Nonfiction (Black Sheep)




El-P, the third gunner on the grassy knoll
Stroll, keep the seventh seal of heaven in my pocket
You’re faggot like sprockets, motherfuck the Houston Rockets

8 Steps to Perfection
Funcrusher Plus (Company Flow)

They call me the Stephon Marbury of rap, darling
cause as soon as they put on some R. Kelly, I start ballin’


They go “Oh” and “Ah” when I jump in my car
People treat me like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Erick Sermon
“Never Seen Before”
Back in Business (EPMD)

Wake up, niggas, EP is back ’round
You my son, I’ma call you Shaq now

Erick Sermon
“Roc Da Spot”
Muddy Waters (Redman)

I’m pulling dimes with defined waistlines, rolling similar
To Michael Jordan dunking baseline, you get the fibula

“Baptism by Fire”
Baptism by Fire (Apathy)




Yall niggas know where my heat stay at
I leave niggas MIA and I aint talkin’ where the Heat play at

“Keepin It Gangsta”
Ghetto Fabolous

Crabs in the bucket, dirty 11:00 to 1:00
Without the struggle prolly never woulda heard of LeBron

Flo Rida
“All My Life”
Mail on Sunday




I got two long-ass heats, I call em Shaq and Alonzo

The Game
“Church for Thugs”
The Documentary

You niggas fighting over airtime?
It’s my fault he pushed you album back
farther than Clyde Drexler’s hairline

The Game

With mo’ ass than Delicious, that’s my flavor of love
We make it rain like Reignman when he played with the Glove

The Game
Cali Sunshine

I’m the king to you pawn niggas
Punish ya, spawn niggas
Playin’ in green, Paul Pierce to you LeBron niggas

The Game
Cali Sunshine

I’ma Crip Walk to get Dre
And Blood Bounce back
Heat on the track
Dribble rock like Wade
And bounce like Shaq

The Game
Doctor’s Advocate

Gotta Chris Paul mind state, I’m never outta bounds

The Game
“My Life”

Silky texture
Jordan jumped up like Clyde Drexler

“Buck 50”
Supreme Clientele

I’m the opposite of agua
Hotter than a plate of pasta
I’m the reason Lamar Odom was traded off the roster

Put It on the Line

Too hot to handle, one thought, from scrambling the mandolin
Hundred game, Wilt Chamberlain, smack em, say when

“Mighty Healthy”
Supreme Clientele

One minute you hot, next minute you not
Remind me of the New York Knicks with they jumpshots


I got a cousin that plays for the Utah Jazz
But I don’t hafta run the two to shoot yall ass
Peace to Ronnie Brewer, on the mic I’m the manure
Got a Ruger for the coward tryna hate on the computer

Guilty Simpson
“The Future”
Ode to the Ghetto

I don’t write raps for free
If I did I wouldn’t make it, like Shaq from three

Guilty Simpson
“Jungle Love”
The Shining (J-Dilla)

Stay on the move like Rip off a nice pick shootin

Guilty Simpson
“Kill ‘Em”
Ode to the Ghetto

I used to keep grams on me
‘Cause they knew I had better nicks than Mike D’Antoni

Guilty Simpson
“Understand This”
Random Axe

So here’s the deal like Shaquille O’Neal
If you don’t know whatcha doin, how the hell can you be real?

Hard to Earn (Gang Starr)

Larry’s Bird flew out of Nicholas’ Cage

Legend of the Liquid Sword




In these drastic surroundings, it be sounding like Lebanon
Making fools retreat like Megatron
And Starscream, oh yeah, I scream-on-stars
That get loot and crossover like Kareem Abdul Jabbar

“Light Speed” (Dr. Dre)
2001 (Dr. Dre)




Get me on the court and I’m trouble
Last week messed around and got a triple-double
Freaking brothers every way like MJ
I can’t believe, today was a good day

Ice Cube
“It Was a Good Day”
The Predator

Picked up a girl been tryna fuck since the 12th grade
It’s ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic
The Lakers beat the Super Sonics

Ice Cube
“It Was a Good Day”
The Predator

I can score at will so force me left
Or get left, while I lift in the air and release
And all sound is deceased
It’s Johnson and Big Game James

Illa J
Yancey Boys

Spark the game like CP3 from Tennessee to New Orleans

Illa J
“R U Listening”
Yancey Boys

Girl, ya so fast, but now you out of breath
I got ya ass, I got a fast first step like Monta Ellis — with the rock

Illa J
Yancey Boys




And yall scared, I can tell
But I’ma get Bucks like Milwaukee
‘Cause like Sam I Ca-sell

“Put Ya Hands Up”
Kiss of Death

Why my niggas ain’t get that cake?
Why is a brother Up North better than Jordan that ain’t get that break?

Kiss of Death

Why them bullets have to hit that door?
Why did Kobe have to hit that raw?
Why he kiss that whore?

Kiss of Death

Prolly think I won’t murder you, the way I smile
But, I’ma take a lot of shots, A.I.-style

“I’m Not You”
Lord Willin’ (Clipse)

Word on the street, they say yall bitch
Let the AR spit, I be getting higher than JR Smith

“Throw Ya Sets Up”

I’m the type of nigga that’ll take five cakes
Turn em into five acres
Faster than five Lakers

“Can I Live”
We Are the Streets (LOX)

What if hate ran through me?
And what if Portland drafted Jordan instead of Sam Bowie?

“What If?”
The Last Kiss

This that black, Elohim, Annunaki rap
That Farrakhan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Qaddafi rap
I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans rocking black-and-gold stocking caps
And fleur de li Shockey hats

Jay Electronica
“Just Begun”
Revolutions Per Minute (Reflection Eternal)

And if we stay strong
We can get paper longer than Pippen’s arms

“Never Change”
The Blueprint

I’m the Mike Jordan of the mic recordin’
Hovi, baby you Kobe
maybe Tracy McGrady
Matter fact you Harold Miner
JR Rider, washed up on marijuana
Even worse you a Pervis Ellison
You worthless fella
You aint no athlete, you Shawn Bradley

“Pump It Up (Remix)”

I truly gotta live this like my last movie
Six-oohie, jewels drippin’, big toolie
I ball for real, yall niggas is Sam Bowie
And with the third pick, I made the earth sick
MJ, him Jay, fadeaway per-fect

“Hola Hovito”
The Blueprint

If you haven’t heard
I’m Michael, Magic and Bird
All rolled in one — cause none got more flows than Young
Plus got more flows to come
And if I ain’t better than Big, I’m the closest one

“Hola Hovito”
The Blueprint

When I came back like Jordan wearing the 4-5
It’s not to play games with you, it’s to aim at you

The Black Album

I aint hard to find, you catch me front and center
At the Knick game, big chain in all my splendor
Next to Spike, if you pan left to right
I own Madison Square, catch me at the fight

“Welcome to New York City”
Come Home With Me (Cam’Ron)

Shots of Patron, now she’s in the zone
I ain’t talking about the two-trhee
Mami in the zone like the homie 2-3
Jordan or James, makes no difference
Boo I’m ballin the same
I am the Mike Jordan of recording
You might want to fallback from recording
But you right it’s not important

“Show Me What You Got”
Kingdom Come

It’s not even close, just leave it alone
I’m Michael Jordan, I play for the team I own


Eyes on the prize, Shawn knew I had to
Had to, had to get these chips
Had to make moves like Olajuwon
Started out selling dimes and nicks

“My 1st Song”
The Black Album

And who knew dude would play ball for the NBA
Would make a mistake on the who know it stayed still in the way
Who knew that would be his last shot, who drew up that play
They giveth and they taketh life is cruel that way

“Guns & Roses”
The Blueprint 2: The Curse

Let you tell that man I’m falling
Well somebody must have caught him
Cause every fourth quarter, I like to Mike Jordan ‘em
Number one albums, what I got like four of them?

“Never Let Me Down”
College Dropout (Kanye West)

I’m a legend, you should take a picture with me
You should be happy to be in my presence, I should charge you a fee
I’m Big Dog, Glen Rob, listen, god, you a flea
And that little homie Jungle is a garden to me

“Blueprint 2”
Blueprint 2: The Curse

It’s like an old negro spiritual, but I mastered Toby
With a splash of Monster Kody
Shoot faster than Kobe

“Some People Hate”
Blueprint 2: The Curse

I stay sportin
Played Jordans before Jordan
Verses tight, hooks harder than Ken Norton

“S. Carter”
Vol. 3 … Life and Times of S. Carter

Nigga, please, I been around the world
I damn near beat Jordan in around the world

“Nigga Please”

Blueprint 2: The Curse

I cream, I diamond gleam
I post like Hakeem

“Bring It On”
Reasonable Doubt

That’s just the natural cycle, nobody wanna be like Michael
where I’m from, just them niggaz who bounce from a gun

“Coming of Age”
Reasonable Doubt

I bought it back for a livin
33 Os on a bitch back like Pippen

“What They Gonna Do Part”
The Blueprint 2

Jigga the shit even when he rhyme in third person
Hova the god, I should be rapping with a turban
Haters can’t disturb him, waiters can’t serve him
Mike Jordan of rap, outside J working

“Hova Song (Intro)”
Vol 3 … Life and Times of S. Carter

Fuck y’all mean
Handlin’ since a teen
Like LeBron or Sebastian
High school graduates
Straight to the league
I ain’t waitin’ for my knee to blow
Yesterday, I was needin’ this dough

“Dead Presidents III”

OG, big homie, the one and only
Stick-boney but the pockets is fat like Tony
Soprano, the Roc handle like Van Exel
I shake phonies, man, you can’t get next to

“Crazy in Love”
Dangerously in Love (Beyonce)

Just sent a million dollars through a hand’s-free
That big money talk, can you answer me?
Before The Answer was a three
I was down in Georgetown with a Hoya chick, lawyer chick

“The Prelude”
Kingdom Come

Was in my pores to push rock raw
Take a rebound like Bo Outlaw
I’m so outlaw

The Best of Both Worlds

On the jewels, I blew more money than Latrell


I’m hotter than a lotta men
Switch up cars like Rodman’s hair color

“We Ride”
R. (R. Kelly)

Me and the boy AI got more in common
Than just ballin’ and rhymin’
Get it? More in Carmen

“Super Ugly”

Lucky me, luckily they didn’t get me
Now when I bring the Nets I’m the black Branch Rickey

“Brooklyn Go Hard”
Notorious Soundtrack

My fine ho we got some victims to catch
So in a couple years, baby, I’m a bring you some Nets

“Hello Brooklyn 2.0?
American Gangster

Whether you’re four-feet or Manute’s size
It always starts out with three dice and shoot the five

“Where I’m From”
In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

You suck pistol like pipe with the crystal
John Stockton couldn’t assist you

“Bring It On”
Reasonable Doubt

Ced said, “Look, my niggas, we got a foot in?”
Being good is good, that’ll get you Drew Gooden
But me? I want Jordan numbers, LeBron footin’
Can’t guard me, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden

J. Cole
“Return of Simba”

The center of attention, this is clever, I’m Pau Gasol
Really though I’m LeBron

J. Cole
“Just Begun”
Revolutions Per Minute (Reflection Eternal)

I’m the truth like AI
Got the proof and stay fly

Jermaine Dupri
“Money Aint a Thing”
Hard Knock Life, Vol. 2 (Jay-Z)

Now tell me were you in the joint
The night MJ scored 63 points
When the Lakers won titles back to back
Didn’t give nobody, no kind of slack
When Vince Carter gave and stuck his arm in the rim
Everybody went crazy in the whole damn gym
Dikembe Mutombo standing tall
Playing D with desire, it’s basketball

Jermaine Dupri
“Basketball” (Lil Bow Wow)

This is the concrete jungle
The game don’t fumble
Stand tall like Mutumbo
Reportin’ like Bryant Gumble

Jim Jones
24 Hour Karate School (Ski Beatz)

I’m a All-Star rhymer reppin China
The Yao Ming of this rap game startin’ an empire
Like Jordan and Pippen Kobe and Shaq
Is like a triple-double everytime I spit on a track

“NBA (Remix)” (Joe Budden)

Live and direct from 1-2-5
It’s the can’t go wrong multiple choice like Allen Ive
Been the answer for quite some time
It’s like I shouldn’t even hafta rhyme

“Do My Thing”
The Hear After

It aint no doubting that my life is charmed
My passport got more ink than NBA arms

“The Zone”
Then What Happened

Jump off, you rap guys is a joke
I’m here to take the scoring title without the green light from my coach
Man, don’t make me have to smack your lineup
I’m Michael Jordan y’all Harold Minor’s that rap vagina
All-black ski mask, gloves, tuck the thing
Drive slow, lights out like “I love this game,”
I live this, y’all paint that pic
And like Magic I’m starting to believe y’all dudes ain’t that sick
Might see ya boy scooping up a bird to get knowledge,
Number one draft pick — and I skipped college
Snakes in the trenches, I peep those, get injured
End up like Grant Hill on the bench in your street clothes
Talk about he real, how he quick with a glock
But like Kurt Thomas, he ain’t good for shit on the block
See the gleam from the shoes
Man, I don’t mean to seem rude
Gunshots do you like Vancouver, make your team move

Can’t treat me like a sucka
Gather up your five, man, meet me at the Rucker
Put the heat to you fuckers
Half Man-Half Amazing with a clip in my boot
My 4-5 will make you “Skip To My Lou,”
Think about it
Understand when I was younger, I was all on my own
So when I said 3-2, I wasn’t calling a zone
Nice truck, nice house and chain
I car jacked you like Shaq shooting a three,
“Man get outta your Range”
This is regular hood shit
I put Don Chaney under the arm
And show him how to make a good [K]nick
If you wack, you need to probably write
Either that or quit it,
Throw in the chair like you Bobby Knight
I work damn hard, but don’t think I can’t rob,
Can’t pitch, I still handle the rock like Shammgod
Still hurt you cowards
Still see me murking them Prowlers
And know they still call me Dirk in Dallas
I’m that nigga

Man I kill lame queers
It still ain’t clear
Never saving the tech like Bill Laimbeer
I got tools for rilly
With shells that make your temple hot
And I ain’t talking ’bout a school in Philly
I ain’t a selfish player
Man, I help your weight up
‘Cause only Riders in this game now is myself and Isaiah
Listen, you gettin’ dissed
While I’m screwing these misses
I’m on cruise control you still moving your pivot
But I’ll show you how mean this crook be
You and your dogs’ like the Houston Comets, a team fulla pussy’s
Creep, it ain’t a game no more, it’s a sport
If you ain’t got heart to play then stay off the court

Joe Budden

Aint gotta say it, that dude the truth
Make me put that tool to use
And these niggas’ll be in the game shakin’ like Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
Not Tourettes, gotta rep my team to the end
Lambos to Ferrars to the Beamers to the Benz

Joe Budden
“6 Minutes of Death”
Mood Muzik 2 

For once, trust me, you don’t wanna start problems
The pound’ll make you Eddy Curry with a heart problem

Joe Budden
“6 Minutes of Death”
Mood Muzik 2 

Auto or semi, nigga
Dump ’til it’s empty, nigga
They don’t even want you in New York — you like Penny, nigga

Joe Budden
“6 Minutes of Death”
Mood Muzik 2 

Motivation the game was supplying me, it’s no longer providing me
Jayson Williams, something killed whatever was driving me

Joe Budden
“Black Cloud”
Mood Muzik 4

In New York, they say I’m crazy, like Rodman was
In New Jersey, I’m what Petrovic, Drazan, was

Joe Budden
“Something to Ride To”
Mood Muzik 4

Maybe now I see why Marvin just needed to holler
And if you know me, treat a hurdle like I’m Igoudala

Joe Budden
“Something to Ride To”
Mood Muzik 4

We don’t think the same
I’m like Josh Howard
I need time out, but it’ll cost the game

Joe Budden
“Crazy (Remix)” (Gnarls Barkley)

No regrets ’til my days up
Can’t be Pat Ewing looking back on that layup

Joe Budden
“So Serious”
Mood Muzik 2

I understand why niggas aint tryna bond with me
Fresh as a fuck, everyday is like the prom for me
Rappers aint fond of me, fuck them, my mantra be
The game’s fixed anyway — ask Tim Donaghy

Joe Budden
Halfway House

Nah, they can’t be him
Joey, they can’t see him
No prison could hold him, Bruce Bowen can’t D him

Joe Budden
“Get It Poppin”
Mood Muzik 2

Y’all was fuckin with pigeons
I was on Malcolm X looking for a jar for my cig to get dipped in
Spill spitting, before the video vixens
Around the same time Ewing had got dunked on by Pippen

Joe Budden”
Young Niggas”
Mood Muzik 2

See the white tee with my cig lit
I’m Larry Brown, New York was fucked up so they signed me to fix shit

Joe Budden
“World Takeover”
Mood Muzik 2

You’re a Tyus Edney
I’m a standout like Yao Ming
I’m what’s sparkin’ now like fallback Shaq
I’m startin now — boys poppin’ it, toys poppin’ spit
I’m not from round these parts, I’m Stojakovic
let me hear your man say im the Jordan of rappin’
he’s gettin fatigued girly, his scoring is lackin’
legacy is gettin ruined and you dont want that
so pretty much learn from him — dont come back

Joe Budden
“Pump It Up (Remix)”

Remain focused, that’s what I tell myself now and then
Don’t wanna go back to that block like where Varejao defend

Joell Ortiz
“Sound Off”
Slaughterhouse (

I still rock the party ’til the needle starts skippin’
I’m trippin’ like Pippen, spice rum sippin’

“Right On”
The Platform (Dilated Peoples)

But still I, got to pull my brew out the chiller
Tonight it’s goin down like the house of Reggie Miller

“Awww Shit”
Likwidation (Alkaholiks)

Rollin’ wit’ a open container
And one in the chamber
Ten Likwit CDs in the changer
Bettin’ wages on the Lakers

“Anotha Round”
X.O. Experience
(The Alkaholics)

Good grippy, that’s all I expect
Now I’ma set it off like I’m Ron Artest

“Set It Off” (N.O.R.E.)
Noreality (N.O.R.E.)

Come from the last two to be cut from Dream Team III
We be the ones who shine, prepare for butt-kickin
Rarely bench-warmin’ throwin’ down all too often
While others barely touch rim and that’s when they’re butt-lickin’

“Collude / Intrude
Funcrusher Plus (Company Flow)

My squad is supreme
So I don’t need Clyde or The Dream
Next time you play the game, boy, pick a better team
Your choice is short when you on a concrete court
But my mental cohorts is bout to change the whole sport

Jurassic Five (not sure which dude)
“The Game”
Quality Control

Yo you should know better than try to barter with this Globetrotter,
Militious, vicious dunks, I’m Vince Carter

Jurassic Five (not sure which dude)
“The Game”
Quality Control




We hit the spot to chill with the Fuji Grill
She ordered Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal
Second I walked in, the whole room got still
I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal

Kanye West
“Back Like That (Remix)”
More Fish (Ghostface Killah)

How it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine?
Tryna get that Kobe number — one over Jordan

Kanye West
“Swagga Like Us”
Paper Trail

Class back in session so I upped it a grade
In two years Dwayne Wayne became Dwyane Wade
And, aye, please don’t start me
I’m like Gnarls Barkley meets Charles Barkley

Kanye West
“The Glory”

No, I already graduated
And you can live through anything if Magic made it
They say I talk with so much emphasis
Ooohh…they so sensitive

Kanye West
“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
The Graduation

I’m relaxin’ my feet is up, I’m leaving you haters
Like when Shaq left the Lakers just to heat it up
I state the stats to stunt, I don’t need to front
I make black history every day, I don’t need a month
The survey says, by the streets according
Kanye’s just important as Michael Jordan
Was to the NBA when he was scorin’
Ralph Lauren was borin’ before I wore him

Kanye West
“Brand New”
Blue Collar (Rhymefest)

And I heard em say, nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today
From the Chi, like Tim it’s a harda way
So this is in the name of love like Robert say

Kanye West
“Heard ‘Em Say”
Late Registration

You know the best medicine go to people that’s paid
If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS
And all the broke muthafuckas passed away
You telling me if my grandma was in the NBA
Right now she’d be OK?

Kanye West
Late Registration

I had dreams of the League, one day I’d play Kobe
Or walk up to Puff and he would really know me

“Ego (Remix)” (Beyonce)

I write grace in my tablet like Moses holding ultimate lines carved in granite
Carry the earth like Marbury palming the planet

“What We Live”
Time Line (Nicolay & Kay)

I don’t care if you flash your Milwaukee Bucks
Even bodyguards couldn’t protect you ducks
I care less if you a Trailblazer
My criss-cross on girls is sharp, y’all get cut off with a razor
Even if you have braids like Latrell
I got more numbers in my system than Pacific Bell
Pass the basketball around and go tell
Smoother than Rick Fox puttin on his hair gel

Kool Keith

Basketball is my favorite sport
I like the way they dribble up and down the court
Just like I’m the king on the microphone
so is Dr. J and Moses Malone
I like slam dunks, take me to the hoop
My favorite play is the alley-oop
I like the pick-and-roll, I like the give-and-go,
Cause it’s basketball by Mr. Kurtis Blow

I used to go to dinner and then take the girl
To see Tiny play against Earl The Pearl
And Wilt, Big O and Jerry West
To play basketball at it’s very best
Basketball has always been my thing
I like Magic, Bird and Bernard King
And number 33, my man Kareem,
Is the center on my starting team

Clyde, Rick Barry and Pistol Pete
Now these players, could never be beat
Isiah, and Iceman too
Just give ’em the ball and then you chalk up two
Dantley and Wilkins are on the scene
And Ralph Sampson is really mean
Bill Russell didn’t take no junk
And Darryl Dawkins got a monster dunk

Tell me, were you in the joint?
The night Wilt scored 100 points
Or when Celtics won titles back-to-back
And didn’t give nobody, no kind of slack
Or when Dr. J shook the whole damn team
With moves that came right out of a dream
Or when Willis Reed stood so tall
Playing D with desire, it’s basketball

Kurtis Blow
Ego Trip




See the serpent played tricks, run game like the Knicks
Build you up just to lose the championship

Lauryn Hill
“Year of the Dragon”
The Carnival (Wyclef Jean)

I might cross you up, fake one way
Turn around and hit you with you with the MJ fadeaway
I’m throwing dime passes like J. Kidd, taking cats to the rack
And I’m dunking on them like T. Mac
When I’m in the paint I play with that Alonzo style
I’m like Darius cause I can shoot two miles

Lil Bow Wow

I let her lick the rapper, let her lick the actor, the next
Will Smith, and I’ll be Ballin like the Raptors

Lil Bow Wow
“Marco Polo”

Rap style smoother than CL
In the K on the DL
Line for line, you can detail
Choked more niggas than Sprewell

Lil Cease
“I’m Going Out”
Murda Muzik (Mobb Deep)

Nothing, nothing, you aint scaring nothing
On some faggot Bull shit, call me Dennis Rodman

Lil Wayne
“A Milli”
The Carter III

Hey kid, plural, I graduated
Cause you could get through anything if Magic made it
And that was called recycling
R-E-reciting something cause you just like it
So you say it just like it
Some say it’s biting but I say it’s enlightening
Besides, Dr. Kanye West is one of the brightest

Lil Wayne
“Dr. Carter”
The Carter III

I’m addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton
It’s hot down here, take a walk with Satan

Lil Wayne
The Carter II

When it comes to styles, I got several
Sharper than a swagger dagger all metal
And my jew-els, blue and yellow
The type of shit the make em call you Carmelo

Lil Wayne
“Swagga Like Us” (T.I.)
Paper Trail (T.I.)

Feet up like a paraplegia, or paraplegic, I parallel park
In a red and yellow thang, like an old school Atlanta Hawk

Lil Wayne
“Mr. Carter”
The Carter III

Still got Mami limp-oh
Little bitty put his thang down like Mutumbo

Lil Wayne
“You Know What” (Avant)
Director (Avant)

And when it comes down to this recording
I must be LeBron James if he’s Jordan
No, I want rings for my performance
I’m more Kobe Bryant of an artist
Same coach, same game, been starting
Same triangle offense

Lil Wayne
“Dough Is What I Got”
Da Drought 3

Oh yes, I love her like I ought to
I see you at the alter Mrs. Carter
I see you with my daughter
Or son, more than one
Maybe five like the Jacksons
Or John Paxson
Just dont let them fuck up the mansion

Lil Wayne
“Pussy, Money, Weed”

You see me with my Marbury posture
I don’t play ball, I point guard every dollar

Lil Wayne

Every little boy wanna pick up the mic
And try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype
But that’s like pickin up a ball, playin’ with Mike
Swingin at Ken Griffey or challenging Roy to a fight

LL Cool J
“4, 3, 2, 1”

I got it locked like a warden
Rap without Finesse is like the NBA without Jordan

Lord Finesse
“Da Graveyard”
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
(Big L)

Party like Britney, Lindsey and Paris together
Getting live, buying bottles that’s taller than Chris Webber

“Everybody Hates Chris”
Theater of the Mind

First-round draft pick, later for you imbeciles
The car is all black like it got traded to the Timberwolves
And I keep a little bit of the green up in the lining
But as the weather change my weed adjusts to different climates
Green in the summertime, orange in the spring
Now it’s black with that purp, I call my whip the Sac Kings

“Wish You Would”
Theater of the Mind

I’m on point like CP3
And I’ll be going down in rap as the MVP

Theater of the Mind

Bow down to greatness
Before I get pissed off
And run up in the stands
like the Indiana Pacers

Theater of the Mind

They shoulda warned ya
You got defeated by the heat
But, eh, we’ll just say we Alonzo mourned ya

Theater of the Mind

I’m shiny star spanglin, ding-a-ling danglin
Luda the sheet swisha, broke the record of Wilt Chamberlain

“Trill Represent Trill”
Trill (Bun B)

When I get done, it’s smooth sailing once I pull that ‘Lac out
Next destination, I move forward like Jerry Stackhouse

Release Therapy

You make me feel like I just hit the lotto
Other girls, I give ‘em a shoulder colder than Chicago
But in your center, I heat it up in the morning like Alonzo

Release Therapy




I wanna be the man in like a half a year
So I can ball out in Cleveland like a Cavalier

Masta Ace
Disposable Arts

Basketball is my favorite sport
I like the way they dribble up and down the court
Some ball players like the microphone
Charles Oakley and Charles Barkley like to break bones
Ron Mercer like to slam dunk straight to the hoop
Derek Ander’ love the alley oop
Allen Iverson like the pick and roll
But me myself, I like the give and go

Kevin Garnett jump out this world
Some say Sam Cassell look like Earl The Pearl
McGrady, Vince Carter are the very best
But Jason Williams, Ricky Davis don’t take no mess
See basketball has always been my thing
I like Kobe, Dennis Rodman and the three point kings
And number 34, the man of the hour
Shaquille O’Neal got the money and the power

Patrick Ewing, Sprewell on the same team
And Scottie Pippen’s rolling with the dream
Stoudamire meets Mark Berry
And what about Gary Payton, now that’s scary
Jalen Rose rolling with Reggie Miller
Malone and Stockton, two thrillers
Alonzo Mourning, some say he mean
But Tim Hardaway crossover be green

Master P

Going off the hook like Latrell Sprewell
I’ve got the ill technique so you know me feel well

Hello Nasty

I got books with hooks and it looks like rain
Would someone on the Knicks please drive the lane

Hello Nasty

Bosworth made all of Seattle boo
The Sonics let Kemp go: “Seattle’s through”
I read Seattle Times, I watch Seattle news
I hope Seattle win, I watch Seattle lose

Meneak B
White Van Music (Jake One)

Well excuse me motherfuckers can I beg your pardon
I’m gonna see the Knicks up at Madison Square Garden
And like the Knicks I got game like I worked at Hasbro
On the mic I bug, like I was Prince Jazzbo

Mike D
“B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak”
Ill Communication

I aint playin’, I can look Yao Ming straight face up
I’m back like Kobe Bryant after rape case, boy

“Used to Be”
UGK 4 Life (UGK)

Been rhyming ever since Super Bowl Shuffle
Ever since the Larry Bird/Dr. J scuffle

Mr. Eon

With no reason, I’m iller in post season
Like Moses, “Fo-fo-fo” is what I’m screaming

Mr. Eon

St. Louis like Blues, D-Miles and Larry Hughes
And the young dude done paid young dude’s dues, dude

Murphy Lee
“What da Hook Gon Be”
Murphy’s Law

I hang where the best be, never been on jet skis
Been to DC and L.A. like Tyrone Nesby

Murphy Lee
“Don’t Blow It”
Murphy’s Law




Massa used to breed us to be bigger to go play
Athletes of today in the NBA,
Make me proud, but there’s somethin’ they don’t say
Keep gettin’ accused for abusin’ white pussay
From O.J. to Kobe, uh, let’s call him Tobe
First he played his life cool, just like Michael
Now he rock ice too, just like I do
Yo, you can’t do better than that?
The hotel clerk who adjusts the bathroom mat?
Now you lose sponsorships that you thought had your back
Yeah you beat the rap, jiggaboo, fake nigga you
You turn around then you shit on Shaq
Who woulda knew, Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes
He love a little butt crack, got enough cash
Little kids with they bus pass who look up to you
To do something for the youth, stupid spoof
But you let them use you as an example
They would rep, but our heroes got they hands full

“These Are Our Heroes”
Street’s Disciple

It ain’t hard to tell, I kick the skill
like Shaquille holds a pill
Vocabulary spills I’m ill,
plus matic, I freak beats,
slam it like Iron Sheik
Jam like a tech with correct techniques

“It Aint Hard to Tell”

I’m back in the hood, they like, “Hey, Nas”
Blowin’ on purp, reflectin’ on they lives
Couple of fat cats, couple of A.I.s
Dreamin’ of fly shit instead of them gray skies

“Black Republican”
Hip Hop Is Dead

She got me back livin’ sweeter, fresh Caeser
Guess, David Robinsons, Wally moccasins
Bitches blow me while hoppin’ in a drop-top BM
Word is bond, son, I had that bitch down on my shit like this

“Street Dreams”
It Was Written

Regardless of rain or snow, sleet or hail
I kick street tales, choking niggas like I’m Sprewell
Golden State, holdin’ ya fate in the palm of my hands
Blow you away like it’s part of the plan

“Banned from TV”
N.O.R.E. (Noreaga)

Stop pacin’, time wastin’
I got a friend with a pole in the basement
I’m just kiddin’ like Jason

“Hot in Herre”

Of course my metaphors are tight
Awesome, right?
I got em in awe — my aura’s Jordan-like

Nino Bless
Halfway House (Joe Budden)

I’m slamming niggas like Shaquille
Shit is real
When it’s time to eat a meal
I rob and steal

Notorious BIG
“Gimme the Loot”
Ready to Die

Excellence is my presence, never tense
Never hesitant, leave a nigga bent real quick
Real sick, brawl nights, I perform like Mike
Anyone — Tyson, Jordan, Jackson
Action, pack guns, ridiculous
And I’m, quick to bust, if my ends you touch

Notorious BIG
No Way Out (Puff Daddy & The Family)

We hit makers with acres
Roll shakers in Vegas, you can’t break us
Lost chips on Lakers, gassed off Shaq
Country house, tennis courts on horseback

Notorious BIG
“I Love the Dough”
Life After Death (Disc 2)

She get dick from a player off the New York Knicks
Nigga tricked ridiculous, the shit was plush
She’s stressin’ me to fuck, like she was in a rush
We fucked in his bed, quite dangerous
I’m in his ass while he playin’ ‘gainst the Utah Jazz

Notorious BIG
“I Got a Story to Tell”
Life After Death




Now, I’ma get to rappin’, yall scream
Like you out here rooting for your favorite basketball team
Like you’re Parrish, I’m Bird; you’re Magic, I’m Kareem
Like you’re Sam Cassell and I’m The Dream Hakeem
Like you’re Kobe, I’m Shaq; you’re Ginobli, I’m Duncan
Like we going for real, let’s get it jumpin’
Let’s get it going like back at the Felt Forum
Back when Willis Reed came into the game scorin’
Back when Bill Bradley wasn’t so darn borin’
Back with Phil Jackson, before he had Jordan
Going like the coke that Scarface was snortin’
Bangin’ like Billy Bob Thornton

“Four Quarters”
The Only Color That Matters Is Green

I’m higher than a satellite, crawlin’ like a baby
Maneuvering through tha lane just like I’m Tracy McGrady

Paul Wall
“Break em Off”
Get Money, Stay True

Don’t be mad cause you can’t do what I can
Like that time Jordan went up, took that shot and switched hands

Pete Rock
“Don’t Be Mad”
NY’s Finest

Yo, the realness stuck, females block my knob like Chuck
Dispense the standing eight count, commence to rebound like Buck Williams

Pharaohe Monch
Internal Affairs

Not Allen Iverson, forget crossing-over shake men
Similar to Troy, I bring the pain destined to ache men
Break men off, take men out, make men wanna slander
Prime Time, my rhyme defense beyond Deion Sanders
I walk the earth with my Rod in this strict land
Promise, people thought I was Thomas Hearns the way I hit man

Pharaohe Monch
Internal Affairs

Water boys get slaughtered automatic like Bobby Boucher
Push ya wig back like Marv Albert’s toupe
Blaze a trail like Portland on a track that’ll amaze ya
Omnipotent on the D like Clyde Frazier

Pharaohe Monch
Internal Affairs

Players, pick turns to play, get burned
I color commentate the game like Chick Hearns

Pharoahe Monch

My accurate jabs connect like rotary
Make you notice me,
Be like, “Damn, dudes on some totally
When he rides the bass line like Ginobili”

Pharoahe Monch

I saw you at the Knick game
Damn you look good now

Pharoahe Monch
“Broken Heart”

Got fans all over the land
From London to Jamaica
Paris, France, Asia
Amsterdam, Malaysia
Lost a whole day flying from Sydney, Australia
Back in LA, I caught the Pistons and the Lakers

Phat Kat
The Preface (Elzhi)

Kid, you know my flava, tear this whole jam apart
Fuck around and have your heart, like Jordan had Starks
While you playin’ hokey pokey, there’s no time to be dokey
Cause I come out to play every night like Charles Oakley

Phife Dawg
“Baby Phife’s Return”
Beats, Rhymes and Life (A Tribe Called Quest)

Where the hell can Nikki be, I’m gonna smack her up
I got two tickets for the Knicks and she cold stood me up

Phife Dawg
“8 Million Stories”
Midnight Marauders
(A Tribe Called Quest)

With all these tribes and tribulations, yo, I’ve been affected
And to top it off, Starks got ejected

Phife Dawg
“8 Million Stories”
Midnight Marauders
(A Tribe Called Quest)

Growin up I used to use the Afro Sheen
Knicks and Lakers was my favorite basketball team

Phife Dawg
“Lemme Find Out”
Ventilation: Da LP

Money on my mind so never mind a trick
New York is the town and the team is the Knicks

Phife Dawg
“One Two Shit”
The Love Movement
(A Tribe Called Quest)

Runnin’ mad games as if your name was Scott Skiles
Or better yet Magic or even Karl Malone
Regardless who it is, your aim is to bone

Phife Dawg
“The Infamous Date Rape”
Low End Theory
(A Tribe Called Quest)

This is no hoax,
Back to bench, scrubs like Tremaine Fowlkes

“Sincerely Yours”
The Minstrel Show
(Little Brother)

Parking lot pimps
9 out of 10 more parking lot simps
Ladies want lobster but settle fo’ shrimps
Dikembe Mutombo, blockin all attempts
Niggaz ain’t pimps

“After the Party”
The Get Back (Little Brother)

We gamble the dice, remain humble scramble through the jungle of life
While I rumble with the foul and trife
Shots fired on the block in threes like Glen Rice
Make men think twice about the sacrifice

Prodigal Sunn
“Chrome Wheels”
Iron Flag (Wu-Tang Clan)

Success, thousand dollar bottles impress
Models with fat ass and big barrets
Floor seats, Knicks vs. Nets, private jets

Puff Daddy
“Journey Through The Life”

We change the game, no way you can play this
Fight a fan for my fam like Antonio Davis

“Once More”
The Show (eMC)

Stay pimpin’, shit, I’m on ya model
Came to rape the game like Kobe in Colorado

“4 Brothers” (eMC)

We steal the show, we straight thieve it
Like Magic, you say ya ill, but I don’t see it

“Git Sum”
The Show (eMC)

I dropped everything when she call
Like Reggie Miller, I aint wanna be a playa no more

“The Grudge”

The Show (eMC)

Jordan to Bryant tried to triumph
The winds of change all revolved around science

“Winds of Change”
The Show (eMC)

I shoot you out ya Chuckers
Pusha here, the whispers of all you motherfuckers
Papa said stay free of them suckers
Minus the wicked jumper
Street balla like the Rucker
Skip To My Lou if you lookin for a couple
Roosters in the duffle

Pusha T
“Momma I’m Sorry”
Hell Hath No Fury




Max mostly, undivided then slide it, it’s sickening
Guaranteed, made ‘em jump like Rod Strickland

Wu-Tang Forever (Wu-Tang Clan)

Many cycles when you’re fight in my walls
it’s like Michael and the Bulls
“Every Soldier in the Hood”
Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

When the night’s fallin’
I can hear the mic callin’
I like ballin’
I come back like Mike Jordan
This is for yall
While I’m spittin literatures
Lyrics’ll fall
Like Allen Iverson dribble the ball

“How I Get Down”
The Master

Where trends are set from ways to express the outfits
Friends get wet tryin’ to make ends connect
Avenues to check, boulevards to sweat
The smell of gunsmoke’s more common than cigarettes
We got: clicks for wreck
We like: Pits for pets
We got: the Giants and Jets, the Knicks, Yanks and Mets
We like: much respect and sex extra wet
And high-tech dialect you ain’t catch yet

“New York (Ya Out There?)”
The 18th Letter

No Peach Schnapps, nigga, I’m a man
Flip Murray with the shots, think I’m three down

Rapper Big Pooh
Get Back (Little Brother)

I’ma make you see LA [UCLA] like Ed O’Bannon

Ras Kass
Soul on Ice

We got the ladies undressing like first king strippers
Bouncin’ on niggas balls like the LA Clippers

Ras Kass
Soul on Ice

Walk these streets with more heat than Alonzo Mourning
Now how many toasters can these smokers keep pawning?

Ras Kass
“Miami Life”
Soul on Ice

Jealousy gets you burned like bad perms
If you live you learn
I spit game like Chick Hearns

Ras Kass
“Anything Goes”
Soul on Ice

That’s music to my balls
Like Gloria Estefan fucking Hakeem Olajuwon
How this black lil nigga get more head than a beauty salon?
Go on, blow ya shit out like Chaka Khan

Ras Kass

Verbally, I’m taking off from the baseline with my nuts in yo’ face like Scottie Pippen
As opposed to flippin’ chickens
So kill game like Chris Webber in sudden death
Cause you callin’ for timeouts when you got no time left

Ras Kass
Soul on Ice

When I spit it get shitty like the teeth of Mike Bibby
Live from nowhere keep the West Coast with me
Like J-Kidd, slay chicks if she pretty
Only fugitive you know slide chicks to be P. Diddy

Ras Kass
“Rise of the Machines”
Visions of Gandhi (Jedi Mind Tricks)

My homie’s hella cold, ’cause love don’t love nobody
Said he like to free spirits with slugs to plug your body
‘Til you shrug and flop like Vlade Divac
Paint picture perfect, Aesop rockin’ the b-bop

Ras Kass
“Rise of the Machines”
Visions of Gandhi (Jedi Mind Tricks)

I mean that’s fine and all but for the now I’m just revealing skillin’
Too many would-be villains claim that they do the killin’
And unrealistic drug dealin’
Now how you feelin’
I got your bitch ass sittin’ on the bench
Cryin’ like Nate McMillan

Ras Kass

Yo cheers to the underground
Doc’s da name
Rap is like the NBA
I love this game

“Boodah Break”
Doc’s Da Name 2000

Somebody light the fuse so I can bring bad news
To all these crews who can’t NBA Jam with the shoes
That double shot Hennessy got my mind trippin
Drunk enough to start a campaign on ass kickin’
Why my nigga Keith who gives assists like Scott Pippen

“Iz He 4 Real”
Muddy Waters

I’m in The Bricks like backspins on the Knicks
I”m not a playa, but you’re hatin’ me like I’m a pimp

“Keep on ’99”
Doc’s Da Name 2000

Look at me, nigga, I got it
In pocket, ask Houston how I rock it

“Four Minutes to Lock Down”
Blackout 2 (Method Man and Redman)

Hey Miss Thang, hey Miss Thang
How ya gonna miss me, I got tickets lets roll to the Knicks game
You Tina Marie and, baby, I’m Rick Jaaaames

“Mrs. International”
Blackout 2 (Method Man and Redman)

Come in late night, some airport
As I take flight, I’m ya Air Jordan

Rick Ross
“Bossy Lady”
Deeper than Rap

We don’t need those though, street cats don’t need gats
Six-five, from the NBA, many niggas be that
So try me, like Mutombo you can’t get shit by me
Send you to ER, son, with broke ankles like Allen Ivey

“Gunz ‘N Onez (Iz U Wit Me)”
Magnum Force
(Heltah Skeltah)

The king of pot, there is none higher
Little nickel bag smokers need to call me sire
From Reggie Miller to the Issac Hayes, straight fire
Who said it just aiight? This bitch a liar

“Da Beginning of Da End”
(Heltah Skeltah)

The mixture of Magic and MJ passion
Get in the way it’s gonna be tragic as MJ passing

Royce Da 5’9″
“Not Tonight”

You about to see how far that Paul Rosenberg’ll go
The height of my game is like a Demar ‘Rozen vertical

Royce Da 5’9″
“Second Place”
Success Is Certain

Go ahead jump
No matter how high you get you gonna come up short like Spud Webb

Royce Da 5’9″
“Above the Law”
Hell: The Sequel (Bad Meets Evil)

My daddy got a bad back so it’s only right that I write ’til he can march right into that post office and tell em to hang it up
Now his career is LeBron’s jersey in 20 years

Royce Da 5’9″
Hell: The Sequel (Bad Meets Evil)

Each region breeds some MCs that wanna be, though it means that they wanna breathe our air
With these ideas, anybody thinking’ the game don’t need
the Bad and Evil regime
that’s like saying the Bad Boy Piston team didn’t need Isiah

Royce Da 5’9″
“Welcome 2 Hell”
Hell: The Sequel (Bad Meets Evil)

Gets my stray on, my mistress, I spray on
Watching the Pistons on the same floor they play on

Royce Da 5′ 9″
White Van Music (Jake One)

Where the crack booms in the street
Niggas pull heat longer than Shaq’s shoes

Royce Da 5′ 9″
“Losing Out”
Tronic (Black Milk)

Today you won a ticket to see Dr. J
Front row seat, in free, no pay
Radio in hand, snacks by feet
Game’s about to start, you kickin popcorn to the beat
You finally wake up, Doc’s gone to town
Round his back, through the hoop, then you scream “Touchdown”
You be illin’

“You Be Illin'”
Raising Hell




I stand 5′ 7″ and a quarter,
But, boy, when I reach for that thing
I’m taller than Yao Ming

“Stocking Cap”

I’m a mil stacking nigga who pull quick
Still packin for you Phil Jackson niggas on that bullshit

Sauce Money
“Reservoir Dogs”
Hard Knock Life, Vol. 2 (Jay-Z)

Fuckin’ backward ass rappers get smacked with the gat happily
Boom-shack-shack, the cannon back up your faculty
Yo, the left hook’ll shatter your chin
Similar to Darryl Dawkins when he shattered the rim

Sean Price
Jesus Price Supastar

Sean Price, ’bout as real as it get
I’m no fool, I’m old school,
Like I’m Artis Gilmore with the sket

Sean P
“Shake Down”
Monkey Barz

Sean sparks like John Starks in the fourth quarter
Oughta meet my peeps, deeper like the Torah

Sean Price/Ruck
“Sean Price”
(Heltah Skeltah)

Listen, everything I spit is real and I mean it
Jigga paying Dwyane, I’m paying Gilbert Arenas

Sean Price
“Fuckin Wit A Gangster”
The Exxecution (Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx)

Yo, I need dollars
So I beasted niggas up in the game with a tech like Rasheed Wallace

Sean Price
“Mad Mann”
Monkey Barz

Listen, I am the truth, hoe
Money stacks so high when I ball, Manute Bol

Sean Price
“Street Shit”
Kimbo Price

No, I don’t give a fuck who place this is
When you see the nigga, point god, Jason Kidd
Yo, you fucked up, now it’s takin’ millies
To beat ya case, straight Jayson Williams

Sean Price
“Triumph (Freestyle)
Donkey Sean, Jr.

Take it back when I first assaulted cherry
Back when St. John’s had Mark and Walter Berry

Sean Price
Donkey Sean, Jr.

When the god squeeze the tool
Set it off on a midget, the Kareem Abdul
Jabbar, pa
Sean the star — without the necklace
Catch a rapper slippin’, his ass is breakfast

Sean Price
“M.A.S.T.E.R. P”
Master P

Now who’s the first pick?
Me, word is bond, and
Not a Christean Laettner, not Alonzo Mourning

Shaquille O’Neal
“What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock)”
Shaq Diesel

I don’t think these niggas got brains
Knowing that I’m working with a little bit a change
And will hop out the driver’s side of the Range
And shoot all around like a young Dan Ainge

Sheek Louch
“My Buddy”
The Champ Is Here

Went on the grind, I’m ducked out from my bucket
Glean the post, I’m smart so they call me Tim Duncan

Sick Pulla
“A-Town Stomp”

We here to stay, you betta get it right
We the future like LeBron, you the past like Mike

“One MC One DJ”
Soul Survivor II (Pete Rock)

If I could play in the NBA
I would be that six-four all day shootin that trey
I dribbled to the outside and passed it to Shaq
they double teamed on him so he passed it back
Look at the 3 but I don’t take the shot
cause I think I’m cold and I aint trying to get hot
I’m feelin bionic, we playing the Sonics
And I’m sticking Gary Payton so you know I’m ball hatin
Bang on Vin Baker cause real Lakers really don’t care yea yea
Next stop in the court on Damon toast Stouda and my homeboy J.R. Rider
Minnesota Timberwolves, we cut ’em down
Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen, we shut ’em down
The Twin Towers, Dave and Duncan
20 in the paint fool you get’s nothing
On a four game roll sweep, beep beep
We beat the Bulls and we rocked the Heat
And we traded for a few players, some Pacers
Miller and Mullin and now they Lakers
We cant be beat now, we on a 27 game win streak now, bow wow
When it all started from a dream
I’m playin point guard on my favorite team
I got the big perm, doing interviews with Chick Herm
At Stu Lance, we do a dance
When it rains poppin champane
Basketball yes yall thats the game
Two years ago a friend of mine
Ask me to glide from the free throw line
So I took the ball, as I made the hoop
Everybody jumped up and they said “Go Snoop”
And my career jumped off into the fast lan
My rookie season, I made my first All Star Game
Double G, like George Gervin
That’s what they called me cause I’m so ice
Ballin’, cause that’s my life
I balls all day and I balls all night
Pimp, they call me Snoop Dogg
And everybody knows I love to hustle and ball
The season gets tragic
we just lost to the Magic
And the word is that Rodman done had it
So I guess it’s only young homey
The great 8, Mr. Kobe
Give em the ball dog, he ready
We gotta play Charlotte tonight, I’m stickin’ Eddie
Remember all the good times that we had?
Cuz, don’t trip to long, cause tomorrow we play the Jazz
Then it’s on to play the Denver Nuggets
The homeboy Nick, they trip, damn, I still love him
Keep a picture of him on the wall
Next to Dr. J, Meach, I love basketball
Allen Iverson on the fly, boy, he hard to stick
CWebb coming through with the quick pick
The NBA Saturday mornings,
Or maybe on a Sunday, hey
We in the Playoffs so stay off the court
This aint no game, this a sport
And we in it to win it
We ballin No Limit
Remember this
When I grow up, I wanted to be
A point guard playing on NBC
With or Pistol Pete
Or World B. Free givin’ dap to me
Doing interviews in Converse shoes
And telling all the little kids to stay in school
Yes, it’s true, that dreams come true
If it could happen to me it could happen to you

“Hoop Dreams (He Got Game)”
Master P Presents No Limit All Stars: Who U Wit? (Master P)

Yall dudes got a lotta talk game, saying that you pack arenas
but your shows look more like an Atlanta Hawks game

The Deadline EP




Killers born naturally, like Mickey and Mallory
Not knowing the ways’ll get you capped like an NBA salary

Talib Kweli
Black Star
(Black Star)

See this the type of shit niggas don’t try at home
I come funkin’ up the spot like Micheal Jordan’s cologne

“Hip Hop Drunkies”
Likwidation (Tha Alkoholiks)

I’m def-da-fyin, you rappin like my client
Tryin to scrape me for the style that slam harder than Kobe Bryant
BE QUIET. This is Likwidation from the West
Muthafuck ya bougey show, I got my own special guest

“Hip Hop Drunkies”

I’m bringing the message like Kanye West
Except the boy got more techs than Ron Artest

“Watch How It Go Down”
Politics as Usual

It’s a bad cycle
Just look how they bagged Michael
Which one?
Anyone: Jordan, Jackson, Action
Pack guns, ridiculous

“Watch How It Go Down”
Politics as Usual

Imagine, life without handcuffs
Concentration, with the brain muscle tissue of Samson
The benchpress, of a gold medal-ist, in the olympics
Rifle reach of Manute Bol’s two arms

Thirstin Howl III
“Brooklyn Hard Rock”
Soundbombing II

I’ma ball like Julius Erving, Iverson and Manning
I got the cannon in the two-door Phantom

Tony Yayo
“Piano Man”
T.O.S.: Terminate on Sight (G-Unit)

I’m from a place where junkheads and zombies dwell
And niggas keep the heat blazin’ like Bonzi Wells

Trife Da God
The Pretty Toney Album (Ghostface)

Your money too short for long convo
You in the game hurtin’ tryna play Rajon Rondo

Trife Da God
“Laced Cheeba”
Legendary Weapons (Wu-Tang)

David Stern, damn, David Stern
I gotta teach you ’bout the ghetto, some things you should learn
Matt Lauer on NBC
you look like a girl don’t talk to me

Tru Warier (aka Ron Artest)
My World

How was I supposed to know he was gonna throw beer
Hit me in my face and I go run up the stairs
Touched the wrong person, Steve Jack had my back
O’Neal and AJ with the counterattack

Tru Warier (aka Ron Artest)
My World




You the type to take a L and fuckin’ call the cops
Cross the other side of street because you saw it’s hot
Call me Mike Fratello baby, ’cause I call the shots

Vinnie Paz
“Outlive the War”
Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell

I heard children sing Allahu Akbar in Turkey
One had a Russian AK, dirty Iverson jersey
I don’t know if it made me proud or if it disturbed me
I guess it’s not as bad as kids being fucked by the clergy

Vinnie Paz
“Children of God”
Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz)

They pushin’ rocks here in the dead of night
I take my glock and I point, god, like Brevin Knight

Vinnie Paz
“Put ‘Em in the Grave”
Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell




What’s the deal with the Nets though?
Like being in the East ain’t enough help for ‘em
Two Carters
I thought they’d get better
But they got rid of Kidd
Like a miscarriage

“The Opening Title Sequence”
The Mixtape About Nothing

Got a buzz like that nigga Chris Mullin


I been doing this since Magic was playin at the Forum

“80s Babies”
Guilty By Affiliation

If you aint Reggie Bush running the rock
You better be good as Kobe slangin’ the jump shot

“Guilty Be Affiliation”
Guilty By Affiliation

They praise and they stand up
Like Nate when he slam dunks
Battle, put a grand up
Feel me though, I get dough, yo’ style trash
I fathered you style, you a son like Steve Nash

Wordsworth / Punchline
“Git Sum”
The Show (eMC)

Pass the torch then we lit it
But our team won’t disappoint
Like when the NBA lost the Olympics

“Say Now”
The Show (eMC)

Uncle Max, you remember you were in dire need?
You sold my Michael Jordan rookie card to buy some weed
When my moms went to Boston and she left me a check
To buy sneakers, but you took it to bet on the Nets

“The Grudge”
The Show (eMC)

On my check list: Six Flags, Saks Fifth Ave Gift Bags,
At the game with a Knicks flag

“Borrow U”
The Show (eMC)

Will the Knicks win the championship this year?
Say what, say what, anything can happen

Wyclef Jean
“Anything Can Happen”




Magic Johnson need to run for mayor
Lil’ Kim sold me some pussy, but I aint pay her

“Losin’ Your Mind”
Man vs. Machine




I keep a holster on my shoulder like I’m John Wayne
Shooting these niggas lights out like LeBron James

Young Buck

I ain’t being distracted by nothing
Midget-size to Dikembe, I ain’t back up from nothing

Young Chris
“I Can’t Go on This Way”
The B. Coming (Beanie Sigel)




I be stackin up chips like Lego
Dunk on a punk just like Kelvin Cato
Houston to the Rocket, a four-peat like Comets
I don’t give a fuck, gut-punch a bitch nigga, make him vomit

“Mo City Don Freestyle”
Let the Truth Be Told

And I’m gone, nigga old glory
I’m H-Town to Cali just like Robert Horry

“Mo City Don Freestyle”
Let the Truth Be Told




Yall think I’m spelling Iverson, when the beef all done
’Cause you’ll be on IV in the ER, SON

40 Cal.

Every little nigga you see around me
Hold a gun big enough to fuckin hold Shaq down
Next time you in the hood and see an OG
You ask about me, the young boy don’t back down

50 Cent
“Back Down”
Get Rich or Die Tryin’

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