Stan Van Gundy on Job Security

For more thoughts from Stan Van Gundy, head over to — unbelievably — to watch his full media interview, in which he admits that his bosses have told him that Dwight Howards has asked them to fire him.

7 thoughts on “Stan Van Gundy on Job Security”

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  2. god , i hope the lakers dont trade for this idiot. tklahfunly it doesnt look likely anymore. if he wants to be a closer , maybe he should go play for wait there are people at every level and every league that can shoot better than him. he better get out of orlando fast if he burns them in free agency. hopefully they get something for him and he goes to nj to be on a worse team. even if d will stays, they will have a long way to go. the dumb thing is all these requirements that are being reported are all contradictory. he wants to be on a contender(nj?) , he wants to play for a big market team, with talent around him but not a star like kobe, because he closes games and is a no 1 option. any team with dwight as the no 1 option will never win a chip. whotf does he think he is, shaquille? he is delusional if he thinks he should even be on the floor in a possible free throw situation or commonly taking the final shots around the rim when refs will almost never blow the whistle on those plays. its funny , i always thought something was wrong with him from all the complaining he would do on the court, considering all the shit he would get away with. i dont know , maybe this is bad reporting or people taking things out of context/lying but it seems like too much info for the majority of it to be made up. you gave them a list, stick with the list(NOT- LA) instead of wavering like a woman. the world does not revolve around you so be happy you are an nda star and take bynums outlook there is a bank in every city .i cant think of a way , but i wouldnt be surprised if some sort of new rule stems from this ridiculous shit. looks like the lakers should be thanking kobe now. orlando has good fans that deserve much more than this

  3. Kevin: Certainly I would take Sloan over what we now have, but somehow his lunch pail aprpoach (while perhaps needed) does not blend well with the LAL mantra.Defense: Isn’t it ironic that we are talking about this being a big problem. DH is an annual DPOY and every writer predicted him as such this year. Even at 80% he is still probably the best in the league at this position. KB is 2nd team all NBA and even if you say that is on reputation, that is made up for by the fact that MWP is underrated. Nash and Pau and weak but they are vets, and if you team them with 3 good individual defenders, then they should be able to play good team D. How many teams can field a better group than that on paper? Now when we get on the floor different story. Isn’t that what coaching is all about? Getting the most out of your players? We have not instilled any urgency, we are not putting players in positions to succeed on Defense, we are not taking advantage of DH (even at 80%), and we have no in game adjustments to shut down the opposing players who are hot. Other than that we are fine.Radius: No- we can’t guarantee that a coaching change will work. Huge risk in doing it. However thre is no guarantee that sticking with MB will work either, so I am not sure what that proves. You are correct that it would look desperate to fire the coach a few games into the season. The reason is because we are desperate : )

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