All Nine of Jason Terry’s Threes in Game 4 vs LA

You would have thought that Jason Terry could have found a way to hit one more three-pointer in a 122-86 victory to make the NBA Playoffs record all his own. Instead his nine treys tied Rex Chapman, Vince Carter and Ray Allen for the most ever in a postseason game. So he will have to settle for hitting 9-for-10 from behind the arc while setting the “times running down the court pretending to be an airplane” record. As JA Adande cleverly put it, the “Lakers are letting Jason Terry turn this place into DFW airport today.” Pretty good consolation prize, I suppose.

Nevertheless, below is video evidence of all nine of Jason’s treys.

The kick-out pass that Dirk makes on the first one might be the most perfect pass I’ve ever seen. Perfect parabola into Terry’s shooting pocket.

This is a highly underrated aspect of setting up teammates. People concentrate on assists and fancy-pants dishes, but in many instances, a shooter will have to, even if ever so slightly, adjust to the pass and regather himself before letting it fly. These guys are pros so, when open, they still often hit the shot. But when a guy like Dirk makes a pass like this to a shooter like Terry, we may as well give Dirk two of the three points. Everyone in the building knew this one was about to become the FourSquare mayor of twine-ville before Terry even started his release. That’s all Dirk. Very Steve Nashian work by the big German.

One thought on “All Nine of Jason Terry’s Threes in Game 4 vs LA”

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the passing. Personal hobby horse of mine.

    I hate when dude in a pickup game is throwing bullshit behind the back passes that are way behind your stride, on your shoelaces, etc. and then complaining when you barely manage to catch it- “Come on man! That was a great pass!”. Bonus hate points for his “boys” standing on the side hooting and hollering about what a great pass it was.

    There is always room to improve. Instead of throwing a one handed pass that hits me at the waist, throw a two hander that hits me in the shooting pocket. Most pickup players are totally oblivious to the difference.

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