Edgar Allan Poe on Carmelo Going to the Knicks

Every Poe video has been great but this one is just amazing. Two lines in this one had me dying. Guess which ones and I will mail you the collected works of our esteemed author/NBA analyst.

Nice work, Edgar.

(via Stentorian Musing)

7 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe on Carmelo Going to the Knicks”

  1. This was a very good video. My pick of the two lines you thought were funny: “Yet black men haven’t trusted Russians since Rocky 4.” and “More like moving the ball to Brook Lopez and realizing he’s white.”

  2. “A red town made golden, the younger turn yellow,
    sorry SJU mom and dad came back home with Carmelo”

    good reference to T.D. having a monster game. he is why they beat the Bucks.

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