Kobe Not Passing the Torch

Dear Derrick Rose,

Kobe Bryant likes you. He has told reporters that you are really good. He even sat down and had a conversation with you recently. But his torch? You can’t have it. (via Ball Don’t Lie)

When the Lakers beat the Bulls in Los Angeles last month, Kobe Bryant had a private conversation with Derrick Rose afterward.

Asked if that conversation might have any symbolic passing of the torch undertones to it, Bryant flashed his legendary competitiveness.

“Oh, sure, but I ain’t passing (expletive),” Bryant said.

Asked if Rose has to come take the torch from Bryant, the Lakers’ superstar smiled.

“He can certainly try,” Bryant said.

Sure, Rose may have taken Sprewell’s signature dunk (see here, here and here).

But I doubt he can take the champ’s torch.

The Champ who never lost his torch. (Image: Chris Stanford/pool/ALLSPORT)

2 thoughts on “Kobe Not Passing the Torch”

  1. ,. Man, that’s a great question! I need some more shots I think. sigh. Passive agsesrgive always works.And before Aaron jumps on my throat for saying something even possibly bad about his boy Bynum, i thought he played really well today. he was doubled and tripled team in the post all night and while I wish he would make the outside pass faster, that’s just me being nitpicky. Really, Lakers fell into the same thing as they did against OKC. Ran a movement offense in the first quarter that got them a double digit lead, and then went away from it. Kobe going 3 20 (0-fer in the first 3 quarters) really took away from the offense, but was lacking was the defense again. I see no scheme. Even the big man hard hedge on pick and rolls was gone in favor of switches which allowed Jack to go off there in the 4th quarter.So if I were a person with access to MB, that’s the question what is the defensive identity? where does it start? And what happened with the defense that was ranked in the top ten before the all star break? Because it cannot be all on Sessions

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