Marvin Williams Goes Biblical on the Knicks

Some highlights are just beautiful. This is one of those.

Of course, the true beauty is in Marvin Williams receiving the ball just as his man poorly gambles for a steal and catching two rotating Knicks defenders all primed for a poster. As far as vicious, leaning, one-handed tomahawks over two guys go, this clip rates as worth your time on that alone.

But the wonderful, little Joe Johnson dribbling clinic before the pass to Marvin and — way, way more importantly — the reaction of Josh Smith on the sidelines is what takes this from “dope dunk I’ll forget in three days” to “one of the more memorable scenes of this year’s NBA season.”

Toss in a little Marvin Gaye and it gets even better.

Unless you’re Ronny Turiaf or Amar’e, I mean.