Great Moments in Facial Hair History: Vol. XVIII

One thing that certainly pervades the subtext of our ongoing Great Moments in Facial Hair History honor roll is that I myself have a full beard. I’m not sure that I’ve ever revealed that fact outright, but it is a true story. More than merely being a proud member of Team Beard, however, I also belong to an even smaller minority group: Team Bald With a Beard.

There aren’t all that many of us.

There’s me, there’s Cody Ross, there’s Ricky Rozay,  there’s Kevin Youkilis, there’s (pretty much) Kimbo Slice, there’s (that one time) Bruce Willis, and there is, of course, the late, great Isaac Hayes — the godfather of Team Bald With a Beard. Rest in peace, fine sir.

Now … there is also Vince Carter.

Welcome aboard.

Now try not to let down the team — for once.* (image via Doc Funk)

Vince Carter Beard

* I have actually defended Mr. Vinsanity against what I deemed overly harsh criticism for years. Then he missed those free throws last year in the Playoffs. So sorry, Vince, you’re on your own vs. the lions now. I’m done.