Sam v. Wall

Here’s a nice little practice video of Sam Cassell and John Wall going head-to-head in the post from Kyle Weidie at Truth About It. You have to think that some of these fadeaways and savvy post position techniques are things Sam picked up from Hakeem — a guy that Free Darko has been paying homage to all week in their aptly-and-double-entendredly-(it’s-a-word)-titled-for hoops-fans Dream Week.

Here’s what Kyle said about Sam v. Wall.

From entertainment to education, there are a lot of benefits to having Sam Cassell on an NBA coaching staff, not to mention that he has relevancy to today’s youthful players — as in, they’ve probably seen some of his games on television, in color. Hence, Cassell can still conduct live demonstrations of his knowledge.

All that plus an ill Jake One beat (from he and Freeway’s really good The Stimulus Package) to kick off the video — not to mention some “Popular Demand” from Pusha and Mal.

Like that Bron Bron?