The 8th Seed Podcast, August Edition


This is sort of like that whole Christmas in July thing. Only instead of presents and candy, you get to listen to a bunch of meatheads talk about hoops in this very special episode of The 8th Seed Podcast: August Edition in September. Long story short, we recorded this on Monday night, but I had a busy week down at the glue-huffing factory and never got around to editing/posting it until now.

Luckily, nothing has really happened all week in the NBA so none of this is dated, really. We talk Team USA a lot, specifically discussing their 2-point win over Brazil, and while the squad has played two more games since then, there wasn’t a lot to be learned by watching Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon and company stomp Iran and Tunisia by a combined 75 points.

We also talk about the Melo situation in Denver, call Matt Moore a racist, launch the soon-to-be-recurring “Try to Make Zach Cry Segment,” break down the Summers of Dallas, San Antonio, Minnesota, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Boston, which, as John Karalis lets us know has “cornered the market on O’Neals.”

Cast and crew (only seven of us this month … Michael De Leon of Project Spurs couldn’t make it):

Listen. (Download here.)

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