Thoughts on Cavs/Celtics Game 6

Wrote a piece over at Hardwood Paroxysm on everything we saw in Game 6, focusing on the Celtics getting closer to their ’08 ways and LeBron playing good not great. Go read that.

Also, watch this “Please Stay LeBron” video featuring virtually every “celebrity” from Cleveland banding together, “We Are the World”-style in a plea to LeBron to remain in Ohio this Summer.

Says Eric Freeman of the Sporting News (from which this video came):

All your favorite Clevelanders are here: “intimidating TV lawyer” Tim Misny, star of MTV’s The Real World: DC Erika Lauren, Deadspin favorite Carl Monday, world’s most famous Browns fan Big Dawg, Cleveland soccer legend (!) Otto Orf. The list goes on and on, all the way to Gov. Ted Strickland and Sen. Sherrod Brown.

But there’s one star missing, perhaps the biggest one in the city’s history. Where’s Drew Carey when you need him?

It’s really, really stellar stuff, with “what will we do with that big sign if you move away?” obviously being the Most Valuable Lyric. And if we follow that analogy to it’s logical, Cavs-centric conclusion, the fat, Blues Traveler-looking guy would have to be Antawn Jamison’s Game 6 performance.

UPDATE: It also seems like a good time to finally link to this wondrous, Brian Scalabrine-themed critique of LeBron. Pharoahe Monch should definitely get Scal on his next album.

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  1. home from another sepurb performance and win by our 76ers over the San Antonio Spurs.a0 That means my head has not exploded yet.a0 In my opinion this was the perfect basketball game to attend when you are a die-hard fan

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