The Evolution of Steve Nash’s Eye Injury

The Canadian Cyclops was on some serious triple optics tonight. Put out one of his eyes and he’s still got two — put out the second one and he can still see you.

Here’s the carnage as it unfolded from (1) the initial injury, (2) the return after six stitches, and (3) the final, post-game swollen-shut look. Truly unbelievable performance from Steve, who finished with 20 points on 8/15 shooting (3/3 from three), 9 assists and 4 boards.

UPDATE: Here’s some fourth quarter statistical info courtesy of Trey Kerby of Ball Don’t Lie that helps further show how great Steve is sans depth perception:

[Nash had] 10 fourth quarter points in a close-out game against the Suns’ rivals … and five assists for good measure. If you’re scoring at home, that’s 40 points and 20 assists per 48 minutes, so maybe Nash playing with one eye could be a strategy Phoenix could use in the Western Conference finals. Just throwing it out there.

Derek Fisher probably cried himself to sleep last night.

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Steve Nash eye

Steve Nash Eye Bandaid

Steve Nash One Eye

And if that’s not enough to convince you that he’s just a remarkable basketball player, check his wonderful and expletive-laced (but edited) message to his teammates after the Suns won Game 3. (via SportsGuy33)

8 thoughts on “The Evolution of Steve Nash’s Eye Injury”

  1. Got six stitches with zero anesthesia and got right back out and played wonderfully. I saw a Spur get bumped in the chest and he proceeded to lay down for five minutes, and complain about his head being hurt. I saw the slow motion replay. He didn’t land on his head. He fell and landed on his shoulder, and then he rolled onto his back and started holding his head. Come on, really?

    The Suns won because they actually wanted it bad enough, and played like it too.

    GO SUNS!!!

  2. I am a huge Suns fan, don’t get me wrong. But let’s tell the truth here, shall we? Steve Nash got temporary stitches with no anesthesia, not actual needle & thread stitches, OK?
    Also, the play you’re talking about (Spurs player knocked to the floor) was when George Hill got blocked by Amar’e Stoudemire. At first glance, yes it does look like nothing happened, but when they played the replay, you can see him catching Amar’e’s knee to the back of his head.
    All that being said though, the Suns still showed a lot of heart and desire last night. Nash was a warrior playing with one eye the way he did. Now let’s get ready for the Lakers! GO SUNS!

  3. G.Hill definitely got knocked hard in his head by stat. But the suns wanted it BAD and got it. Like the commentator said when nash took it to the face “everyone in phoenix right now is saying, ‘Here we go again.'” But I am sure the suns’ arms hurt from all that sweeping. The balance of the universe is finally restored from that 2007 series.

  4. Good luck to all Phoenix fans, props to Nash for a great and tough performance. He truly inspired a lot of young athletes and people in general. But!!!! Losing to the Lakers is going to hurt more than his eye does. The adrenaline has came down and his eye will be more tender tender during this series and it will hinder his performance. That and the Lakers are just unstoppable and too big down low. Lakers baby, Back to Back.

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