Cavs vs. Celtics: Round Two … Fight

I shall be covering this series for Hardwood Paroxysm for the next week or two. Along those lines, I just dropped this Game 2 piece. And here’s the Game 1 recap if you missed that one or just feel like reminiscing about the weekend. Weirdo.

More to come on Friday.

Sun God

This photo will make sense if you go read the Game 2 piece. Or not.

2 thoughts on “Cavs vs. Celtics: Round Two … Fight”

  1. my thoughts are lbj’s injury is more serious than they let on & that has everything to do with the current score. maybe you didnt notice that he took only 2 jump shots the entire half, the first didnt come till 5min mark 2nd quarter, the 2nd was a hoisted 3 with the shot clock running out. take any teams best player away or limit them & youlll have alot of different outcomes.

  2. D. Berri,I didn’t buy the first book, but I’m going to buy the second one as soon as it’s abaalivle. I’m curious if you’ve ever addressed this? What would happen if someone put together a team of some of the best players at every position and the sum of their Wins Produced was greater than 82 including bench play? Naturally, they can’t win more than 82. But I’d be willing to bet almost any amount of money at even money that they wouldn’t go undefeated as long as there were other high quality teams in the league. Isn’t that a backdoor proof of some kind of diminishing returns or is there another term for it?

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