The Newest Chapter in the Book of Swish

At press time, JR Smith had already scored 14 fourth-quarter points in Game 1 of Denver’s first round series against Utah. (UPDATE: He finished with 18 in the fourth and 20 for the game, getting free for jumpers galore as well-documented by Sebastian Pruiti.)

He was shooting out of of his mind while also attempting some shots that prove that he probably actually is out of his mind. Ya know, the “I really don’t give a shit about time/score/who’s watching, I’m taking a 40-foot heat check right now just cause I’m curious” stuff that has endeared him to League Pass aficionados across the globe.

(UPDATE: He went 4/7 from three in the fourth, and three of those shot attempts were officially listed as being from at least 26 feet, including one miss that seems to have been drastically underestimated as merely a “28-foot three point jumper.” More like a “34-foot work of unconscious art,” ESPN play-by-play data generator.)

It was an epic chapter in the ongoing Book of Swish. (It’s his nickname.)

And the only thing better than seeing JR write a new chapter in said book, is revisiting some of his previous work. Here we see perhaps the best thing he will ever do. (h/t @BoneyStarks)

(UPDATE: Needed more parentheticals.)

JR Smith

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