Great Moments in Facial Hair History: Vol. XVII

This is very irregular. I mean, normally, I would never ever celebrate anyone’s decision to shave his beard. Nay, I would condemn it. That’s madness, sir. Madness. Honestly, what are you thinking?

But under the following circumstances, as you can see below, we do need to make an exception. Watch the video and it will be pretty clear why. If you watch Trey with the trimmer, it’s like Fyodor Dostoyevsky, ya know what I’m saying. The poetry of it.

So congratulations to Trey Kerby aka “Brad Miller” aka “Yert” aka “Not Al” for induction into Great Moments history. And just imagine how good the unabridged version is gonna be when it arrives in theaters everywhere this fall? Hopefully in 3D.

Let’s do this, Jimmy Cameron.