Talking About Practice: Episode 8

Kyle Weidie of Truth About It talks about Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards in this episode … that should have been up online like five days ago since we recorded last Sunday.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty dumb and I messed up the recording during the second half of our conversation. Since Kyle had a lot of insightful things to say and we had a nice debate about Washington’s troubles this season vs. Indiana’s during the Jail Pacers era (which I wrote about last week), I tried all week to recover the audio, but it turns out that I don’t the first clue about how to do that.

My apologies. And that’s why this thing ends rather abruptly — it wasn’t just Kyle hanging up on me. I don’t think anyone wanted the big close to be about James Singleton. Oh well. Live and learn.

Most importantly, we still have a good half-hour talk about the Gilbert’s sentencing and what it means for the future of the Wizards, as well as Andray Blatche acting a little childish (the Adrian Wojnarowski article we talk about is here) and the team’s decision to trade away Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood. Great stuff from Kyle on all this. (And here he is being great again with his piece on the Wizards who have departed the team this year.)

And in further, “Golly, I’m dumb” developments, you will also get to hear me drop some Bill Simmons-ian-level mispronunciation. I always laugh at commentators and analysts who speak improperly, so feel free to mock me as much as you want.

For learning purposes, let’s try these three again aloud:

Recidivist – Re – sid – eh – vist

Leonsis – Lee – own – sis

Wojnarowski – Still – have – no – idea


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