Rodrigue Beaubois Can’t Miss, Scores 40

In the midst of March Madness, a lot of the otherwise great NBA story lines get missed.

Not by Rob Mahoney.

Here he is with another episode in his fantastic “Moving Pictures” series breaking down Mavs rookie Rodrigue Beaubois’ 40-point outburst on Saturday night. Sure it was against the Warriors (aka, the second worst defensive team in the Association and the same squad that allowed another rookie, Brandon Jennings, to drop 55 back in November), but it was still an impressive shooting performance from the lil guy from Guadeloupe (15/22 from the field and an insane 9/11 from three).

Says Mahoney (who is the best Mavs blogger on the internet … not an Irish cop walking a beat, as his name would suggest):

The end-to-end speed, the quickness, and the shooting were all on display, and in this installment of Moving Pictures, we’ll look at what the 40-spot means in terms of the playing rotation, as well as appreciating Beaubois’ dominant performance for what it was.

Check out past Moving Pictures episodes here. Even the old ones are great if you haven’t been watching.