9 thoughts on “All the News Fit to Six: March 29, 2010”

  1. Racism? How is pointing out that Matt Bonner, who’s offensive skills are limited to standing at the 3 point line, waiting for someone to throw him the ball, and hoping the defensive rotation is slow, tooling a teams “best defender” racism?

    I mean, Dirk can shut Bonner down, and a) he’s not a great defender and b) he doesn’t even really have to try hard

  2. It’s no problem. KG is a championship player. If Matt Bronner were to try to stop Andrew Bynum he would snap.— Have you noticed how many 15 foot jumpers KG has made off of a Rajon Rondo assist? Notice Paul Pierces 3 point percentage? How about Ray Allens jump shot? Kendrick Perkins is the toughest center in the league. Don’t dare hate on Glenn Davis. Daniels is the best cutter in the game. Nate Robinson just won the slam dunk contest over dwight howard. Do you think that Doc Rivers is scared of any player ref or coach in the entire league? Steel runs in the mans blood. Come playoff time Rasheed Wallace is going to be the meanest defender east of LA. Fear my celtics.

  3. LOL. Racism?? Give it a rest, Brick. Garnett is fading quick. He’s also dramatizing every time he hits the ground. This was an illustration Garnett’s current play. Nothing more.

    Give me a freaking break. I better not say more. sharpton and jackson may be watching.

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