High Fives in the Time of Cholera

Qualitatively, it’s pretty obvious that Steve Nash is one of the most positive, upbeat guys in the NBA. He’s always clapping it up, disingenuously taking the blame for turnovers that bounce off his teammates hands, encouraging role players when they do well and going out of his way — sometimes by 20 or 30 feet — to give high fives to other players on his team.

But like any good business monitoring its employees, the Suns organization wanted to know just how positive Steve is in a quantitative sense. As we know, if you can’t count it, you can’t measure it. Or something. I dunno. They said something like that in that management class I took that one time.

To this end, the Suns had their intern watch a game and count exactly ow many high fives Steve gives out in a game. And from this one-game sample size, they determined that Nash averages 239 high fives per game. That’s a lot of slapping.

In similar news, the Suns marketing department was able to inform us that Amar’e Stoudamire is the Suns player who received the most slaps on the ass during this game.

Congratulations, STAT.

In response, Amar’e replied, “What the heck?”

Grant Hill was similarly perplexed. “You kept track of how many times he touched another man’s butt?” asked Hill.

“No promo,” a Suns marketing representative did not add.

Video from Sun.com (h/t @AlexisGentry)

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