Josh Smith’s Game-Winning, Walk-Off Tip Dunk

Today’s All the News post obviously featured Josh Smith’s sweet, game-winning, walk-off tip dunk. But given that (a) the Hawks are my favorite non-Pacers team this year, (b) I just recently fake-interviewed Josh, and (c) the dunk was so epic, I’ve decided this thing needs some additional coverage.

First, here is the video of said game-winning, walk-off tip dunk.

The greatness speaks for itself.

It’s obviously right there in the conversation with Dwight’s amazing walk-off inbounds oop against San Antonio and, perhaps ironically, Vince’s game-winning oop last year in Toronto when we’re talking about last-second dunks in recent memory. (Technically, Vince’s wasn’t an according-to-Hoyle walk-off since there were like 1.5 seconds left. Also, I bet Courtney Lee wishes he could be on this list. But unfortunately, the pass during this Finals inbounds play last year wasn’t quite perfect. Lastly, three of the four plays I’m referencing here involve Orlando. Weird.)

Perhaps even more amazingly, however, this is actually the second time that Josh Smith has had a game-winning, walk-off tip dunk.

This year.

Yup, he did the exact same thing to the Rockets in November after a missed Mike Bibby jumper.

I certainly don’t believe in any of that “everything happens for a reason” nonsense or the whole “we were all put here for a purpose” ball of shenanigans.

But looking at the photo below — particularly when comparing it to this here image with which you may be familiar — it sure does start to seem like Josh Smith was touched by the hand of God* to be better than everyone else at this one specific thing.

Perhaps Josh Smith is “The Game-Winning, Walk-Off Tip Dunk Whisperer.” Pretty cool title for a business card.

* Yes. I’m obviously referring to God Shammgod here, not Beardy McToga-Wearer in the Clouds

josh smith dunk magic god

As an added bonus, all this reminded me of the best Photoshop I’ve done this NBA season.

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