Daryl Morey and Donnie Walsh Negotiate

I have long operated under the assumption that trade rumors are probably the dumbest thing about the NBA — and most likely all of sports. The nonproductive nature of all the discussion and writing centered around things that will probably never happen both bores me to tears and sort of disappoints me since all the people involved could certainly doing more enjoyable things than collectively wasting everyone’s time.

But this all goes out the window when I see this “video” from found by Skeets and the Ball Don’t Lie crew (UPDATE: that was actually created by smoothie of the Houston Clutch Fans forum) featuring Rockets GM Daryl Morey and Knicks GM Donnie Walsh negotiating the rumored TMac for Jordan Hill, 47 first-round picks, Al Harrington and Jared Jeffries deal.

And it goes about as well as for Donnie as the negotiation at the end of Michael Clayton goes for Tilda Swinton.

5 thoughts on “Daryl Morey and Donnie Walsh Negotiate”

  1. To be fair to Morey, he evidently singed him in the hope that he’d be able to compete for the Rockets’ backup PG spot. He was singed before the vetoed trade went down. That would have sent Goran Dragic to NOLA and made either Flynn or Lin the backup for Lowry. When the trade didn’t happen, the Rockets instead turned to signing Samuel Dalembert, which left Lin as one of two players on the Rockets (the other being forward Jeff Adrien) with a non-guaranteed contract. Faced with cutting either the guard (and the Rockets have plenty) or the forward (a position of need), the Rockets chose to cut Lin.Morey’s point that no one could have foreseen Lin’s play was more that no one could have foreseen him playing this well. I thought he could be a decent player when the Knicks picked him up, the best PG on that roster, but I didn’t expect him to do this. Anyone saying they expected him to do this is probably misremembering their own predictions, I suspect. The PAWS point is a good one, however.

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