Great Moments in Facial Hair History: Vol. XV

Do eyebrows count as facial hair? I say they do.

The following photo and message came our way via @HawksPRman prior to the Hawks victory over the Rockets last night:

Before you’re shocked tonight, Hawks head coach Mike Woodson is minus his eyebrows tonight…don’t ask me why…LOL!

Why does he have no eyebrows? Lost a bet? NFL playoffs-related possibly? I have no idea. And at press time*, neither does anyone else.

Says Lang Whitaker of SLAM:

OK, been texted folk and nobody seems to know the deal w/ Woody’s eyebrows. The mystery deepens…

Perhaps we’ll never find out.


This blog doesn’t use paper. What I mean is “bench press” time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lift weights. Lots of em. Really heavy ones. Call me, ladies.

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