KG Takes Two Weak, Unispiring Fadeaways

I spent all my NBA writing time of late on two things for Hardwood Paroxysm, so despite my best efforts, there will be nothing new from me here today. But much of that stuff will interest all of yall just as much, so head over to take a gander.

In my opinion, the most interesting nugget was a note about KG’s decision to take back-to-back jumpers late in Boston’s loss to G-State last night, despite having two clear mismatches on the guys guarding him (Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette).

Here’s the full breakdown.

Lemon Face – KG Fading Away

After resting on the bench for quite some time, KG entered the game in the fourth quarter with about 6 minutes to go and his team down by 5. About three possessions later, he found himself with the ball being guarded by Monta Ellis. To be completely fair, he didn’t have a ton of time left on shotclock, but that does not forgive the terrible, awkward, off-balance fadeaway he opted to take over a 6?3? guy who weighs less than the sandwich Big Baby ate during half-time. Then, on the next trip down the floor, Garnett again found himself with the ball in the midrange and, again, had himself a nice mismatch, this time over Corey Maggette. What did KG do? He took and badly missed another off-balance fadeaway. Rajon Rondo was able to score the next 6 points for Boston and keep them within a few missed Ray Allen threes from coming back to steal the win on the road, but it’s inexcusable for the Big Ticket to ruin two key fourth quarter possessions — especially when Paul Pierce isn’t playing, Rondo is reluctantly not completely taking over and Ray Allen is shooting like Marquis Daniels. That’s just not a winning formula for the Celtics. In fact, I actually have the formula that proves it.

And, yes, the main reason I’m posting this is just so I can include the corresponding formula that explains why KG should not be doing this. It was devised by Rakim, who we know drops science like a scientist, so you know it’s good.

Most of all, however, you should head over to HP for another 1,000 or so words on who else had great or bad evenings last night. And once you’re there, you can also find another 1,000 words previewing tonight’s games.

The Kevin Garnett Winning Formula

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  1. I have always been most confident with KG taking jump shots rather than playing in the post. If he caught the ball in the block against Ellis than he might have taken it in. I don’t think it’s a big issue if he takes jumpers because that’s what he does for most of his shots and his mid-range game has been terrific his whole career. Let’s face it he’s not the same player he was two years ago, but even as bad as he’s been the Celtics are the likely favorite to at least take the East as long as Pierce can play.

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