Talking About Practice: Episode 2

John Karalis of Reds Army stops by to talk Celtics.

We get pretty in depth about Rajon Rondo (and reference this lenghty Boston Globe article on him that, in part, details his love for Connect Four), discuss Sheldon Williams vs. Big Baby, chat about the defense and mention some of the more typical Big Three/Sheed stuff as well. John also shares his thoughts on the other Eastern Conference contenders and faces the dreaded Ten Questions, which is an obvious gimmick that I am hoping your company would one day like to sponsor. (Call me.)

We did this before the Celtics beat Golden State last night, which was nice because John was willing to humor me and evaluate some of Boston’s few flaws rather than focusing on how dominant they are and likely will stay all season. Still, good times and there is a nice little Easter egg in there towards the end for you Boston fans.

That’s about all.

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