Guess Who’s Bizack? I Can Still Smell the Crack in the National Basketball Association’s Clothes

The NBA season is once again upon us and it has come to my attention that many of you don’t waste your summers following NBA trades and free agent movement. So after seeing guys like Shaq in Cleveland, Artest in LA, Ariza in Houston and Matrix in Dallas, many of you have emailed me saying “When that happen, bro?” And the Australians among yall are all “WTF, mate?”

Well, mates, a lot of players relocated this summer. There is some very basic science out there supporting that. Trust me, pal. It’s actually a fact — it’s not even science.

We’ll continue to bring you up to speed with the best hard-hitting, postcard analysis you’ve come to expect from BTPH throughout the week, but in the meantime, listen to the most recent episode of The 8th Seed podcast to acclimate yourself with the new NBA landscape.

Here’s the lineup of participants in case you forgot: Me, Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show, Jeff Garcia & Mike DeLeon from Project Spurs, John Karalis from Reds Army, Adam Best from Fansided, Zach Harper from Cowbell Kingdom / Talk Hoops, and Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass.

In other “Shit Yeah, The NBA Has Returned” news, be sure to watch the season premiere of The Basketball Jones, check Zach Harper’s Bustin’ a Recap to learn about all the opening night action you may have missed, and, if you really have way to much time on your hands, read “Too Many Words About the NBA: Preview Edition,” a rambling, oft-humorous, fairly informative chat session between me and the other Hardwood Paroxymers (Matt, Rob, Corn, Zach, Kyle and Trey).

Moore has an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade line in there that is amazing. First one to find it and then return here with the quote in the comments wins a pony.*

* (There will be no pony.)

basketball jones skeets shawn bradley

The Jones is back. And Skeets is already getting posterized.

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