Chris Kaman Loves Guns, Explosions

Now that Sam Cassell is gone, Chris Kaman, former caveman,* is arguably the best really, really ugly player in the League. Injuries have tempered the hoopla regarding the potential of a guy who was formerly considered to be one of the few young big man who could successfully stave off the extinction of the full-time back-to-the-basket center.

Regardless, I’m still a big fan. He’s just awesome. Not only do I enjoy his scoring in the paint, but he just seems like a guy I would want to get drunk with. Still, that perception has always mainly just been something I’ve gleaned from watching him a lot and I’ve never really had a lot of tangible evidence to put forth to back up that claim.

Until now.

Thanks to the good folks over at FanHouse, we got a great look into how Chris spent his summer: Shooting cars, lighting fireworks and just generally blowing things up. The video below is of his tremendous firework display and you can head over to FanHouse to see some spectacular footage of him shooting up an ’88 Ford Taurus with a .50 caliber rifle.

So to those of you have ever disputed my claims that Mr. Kaman is indeed awesome, all I have to say is “Check. And Mate.”

* That joke is not mine. It comes from the amazing American League Pyscho, which was done by the creative geniuses of Wondershot and is a must-watch for anyone with any interest whatsoever in the 2009 World Series, Patrick Bateman or hating ARod.

UPDATE: My apologies to Al Jefferson, and to a lesser extent, Hedo Turkoglu for that first sentence. Momentarily forgot that Canada and its capital city, Minneapolis, existed.

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