The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#1 – The Boston Celtics

He’s cocky. He’s carrying a weapon. And there’s a good chance he’s drunk.

He is, after all, a Boston Irishman. And even when Boston’s Irish are sober, they’re quicker to anger and more eager to fight than even the most belligerent drunks anywhere else.

Just look at him. He’s laying back, chillin’ in a gold lamé vest and bow tie. And he’s winking at you as he spins that basketball on one finger. Why is he winking? Is it because he’s got the dexterity to smoke, lean on his shillelagh and spin the ball all at the same time? Is it because he knows he can keep that ball spinning as he pokes holes in you with the sharpened end of that stick? Is it because he knows he can drop the shillelagh and cross you over while blowing pipe smoke in your grill before finding the back door cutter for the dunk?

Yes, yes and yes.

Is there a logo that captures the city and the team better than the Celtics logo? No. Not even close. We all know leprechauns are small. They have no business being cocky or brash, but this little guy doesn’t care. From the outfit, to that smug smirk and wink, to the showing off as he gangsta-leans and balances that ball. When you really take a close look at him, you realize “Wow…That little sprite is a bit of a douche. I think I hate him.”

Unless you’re from Boston — then you love that little guy and his “fuck the world” demeanor.

It’s just like the team. You either love ’em or you hate ’em. There may be no other logo in all of sports that captures all of that quite as nicely as the Celtics’ logo.

John Karalis follows the Celtics and reminisces over Dino Radja at Red’s Army. He’s the tall, white dude with a shaved head who once made this video and one of the guys I often chat with on The 8th Seed podcast

boston celtics logo

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#1 – The Boston Celtics”

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