The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#11 – Detroit Pistons

While The Detroit Pistons current logo may look quite simple, there is much more to it than you may think. First of all, we have to give a free pass to the team of experts that sat down and and decided to use this one because, somewhere, in a horrible experiment, myself and my fellow Pistons fans previously had to don jerseys featuring a teal, yellow and maroon horse. Yes, in the mid-90s, the Pistons decided it wise to change their colors and logo. We went from the classic Bad Boy ball to a horse with exhaust pipes.

All sorts of awesome.

Was a horse supposed to intimidate opponents? Not unless Mr. Ed is taking the court with Joe Dumars and Grant Hill. But maybe the 90s’ designers were just overwhelmed when trying to do one better than the Pistons original logo from when they were in Fort Wayne? How do you top Tin Can Man dribbling the basketball? I guess you go horse.

Thankfully, just about the time Dumars took over as GM, the Pistons went back to an update of their classic logo and colors. My guess is that this was because Dumars wanted to exercise the demons as part of his ongoing therapy sessions related to wearing maroon-and-teal road jerseys. In fact, to this day, I still blame Grant Hill’s nagging injures on the stress of wearing the teal.

So, yes, the current logo is just a basketball. But tie in the colors of America, and we have a winner. You can’t go very wrong with the current configuration of the red ball with the blue-and-white accents and their customized font with that has “Detroit” a bit more understated than “Pistons” inside the ball. As for their alternate logo, you can’t get much simpler than a giant P.

So although it took some time to get to what they are wearing on the court today, they did. And Pistons fans are thankful.

Speaking of, anyone want to buy a pristine, maroon-and-teal Stacey Augmon jersey on the cheap?

Natalie Sitto writes about the Pistons at Need4Sheed and, as is immediately apparent on her site, she knows a thing or two about logos and design. Though she is sad that the Sheed era has come to a close in Detroit, you can rest assured that her loyalties remain entirely with the Pistons.

pistons logo

This is how bad NBA logos are: The most boring logo in the League — and, perhaps, the history of sports — nearly cracked the top ten.

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#11 – Detroit Pistons”

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